My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 4

Merry Christmas wherever in the world you are! I hope you are all having a blissful blissful blissful day! (: Hopefully this post can make your blissful day even more blissful! I am so glad to have started watching In A Good Way just before Christmas because this is such a wonderful Christmas gift!

Gahhhhh, this drama just keeps getting better and better and it is just making me fangirl more and more! It is quite an understatement to say that I have fallen hard for this drama because this drama is just pure amazement ep after ep! And with my fingers crossed, I hope it stays this way! So far, so good! This ep was just beautiful, from the little details right to the big picture it was all capture beautifully. I love what uni and rekindling has done to Lin Jia En (Lorene Ren) and Liu Shan Feng/Liu Chuan (Lego Lee) and this has just made me fall them more! 

While I wasn’t surprised with the time jump to get Jia En into the university arena, I was quite surprised that ever since she said she doesn’t need a tutor any more, she lost communication with Liu Chuan. Despite their months of lost communications, they easily fell back into full swing once he discovered that they attend the same uni. What I also love about them was that during their period of lost communication, the affect that they had on each other has been nothing but big. Liu Chuan’s words never left her mind and while Jia En was always at the back of his mind. It was so cute to see them acquaint each other again because that just brought out immense feelings of joy and happiness. When Liu Chuan saw Jia En, his face just said it all! Liu Chuan and Jia En might have had a period of lost communication but they never left each other because they have an unbreakable bond that was established the very first time they met.

Liu Chuan and Jia En are sizzling with chemistry! I cannot get enough of them! Seriously, little peeks and stares that they have with each other just make me all warm inside even though they aren’t even directed to me! Liu Chuan and Jia En just have that fire with each other! (Or maybe it is just my over-imagination!) They way that Liu Chuan looks at her is so obvious to us as viewers that he sees her as more than just one of his buddies but he is oblivious to this fact. I don’t hope that he realises this but rather, I hope that he as he continues to fall deeper for her, he comes to acknowledge and accept this fact. There was a sense of relief when he saw that Jia En was safe having ran up the mountain all by herself to win the treasure hunt event which he organised. He then took her to admire the Taipei skyline and event wiped off her sweat. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Even when they are not face-to-face with each other they still manage to flick off some immense chemistry! My favourite scene between them this ep was during their phone conversation. They had some silences between them but it was unlike any other silence because it wasn’t awkward one bit. It was like they were both sharing some kind of distant eye-to-eye looks to each other during those silences! I really loved those silences because it was truly amazing in showing the level of comfortableness that Jia En and Liu Chuan has with each other! It was so swift how they quickly latched into an ordinary conversation that fell into place really easily!

This ep really made me warm up to Bai Xue Fang/Bai Xue (Smile Weng). She is actually a very sweet and kind person. I thought she would be some kind of bitchy second lead trying to break up the OTP but I am glad that she isn’t and hopefully she won’t be. She merely is a genuine person who seeks out to help others. I am really loving the friendship that she is building up with Jia En. I love how she makes an effort to help her settle into her new uni life. She doesn’t hold any motives in befriending her and this is a friendship that feels so genuine from the heart. It is relationships like this that attributes to the drama’s easy-going, laid-back and natural feeling.

I really loved that this ep showed us that Bai Xue is more than just a pretty girl on the outside. She also has a pretty heart. This was most pronounced in the way she turned down Zheng Ren Wei (Jay Shih)’s confession. She did so in one of the most sincere and honest way. All she wanted to do was get across to him that she doesn’t want someone to only like her because of her appearance but because of who she is. She knows that he only sees her for who she is on the outside but this is not the way she wants to be loved. She wants that special someone to see the density to her. I love that she is a confident, self-aware girl who is fully capable of chasing after her own destiny. While it is clear that she harbours some special feelings towards Liu Chuan, she doesn’t push on it and neither does she push for him to see her feelings. I love that she remains as a friend around him though he is really oblivious to everything other than Jia En! Even his best friends Xie Qing Yo (Steven Sun) and Liao Ri Qi (Yao Chun Yao) can see Bai Xue’s feelings!

It is quite nice to see other characters and relationships being introduced despite Jia En and Liu Chuan having the most focus. As much as I can spend the entire ep watching them two batter eyes at each other without the intention of flirting, it is nice and refreshing to see the lifestyle that shapes uni. It’s actually quite cute to see Jia En and her best friends, Ding Xiao Wei (Huang Zhen Ni/Jenny Wong) and Tracy (Lin Shu Yu/Apple) being paired up with one of the three musketeers. Hopefully there will be some group dating in the future!

Oh, here is the picture up on the IAGW facebook page wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! (:

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