In A Good Way Episode 1 Video Previews

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If you guys did not know already, I am really obsessed with the current popular and most-talked about Taiwanese drama – In A Good Way. It is one of the best dramas to come out in recent times and is winning my heart all over! It is so good that it really tugs at your heart without even trying. If you haven’t joined on this bandwagon already, I suggest you jump on board and join me on this loving journey! Just hearing me obsess over this does not do this drama justice, you really ought to see this with your own eyes and fall in love with this drama. I just can’t get enough of it so I am going to go and translate the previews for every ep right from the very start and let it bring back memories which are still very fresh in my mind!

This ep was where the goodies started to roll in one after the other. Lin Jia En (Lorene Ren) and Liu Shan Feng/Liu Chuan (Lego Lee)’s very first encounter at the basketball courts shot off a spark that would be the start of their relationship that they never saw coming. It was something minuscule but the way that he looked at her for the very first time was just so tender and sweet. Never in a million worlds would she have thought that the most popular guy on campus would affect a bumpkin life like hers in such an imaginable way!

The first ep really stood as the basis for the entire drama and it was unpacked in a very natural yet structured way. From the start of how Jia En found herself taking the big step to Taipei to the end how Liu Chuan was frantically looking for her, it all flowed really well to develop a relationship between Jia En and Liu Chuan. That was really well done because it really helps to allow us to see them fall for one another.

Check out the previews for ep 1 and come watch the drama if you haven’t jumped on board already! (:

Zheng Ren Wei: Uni life is the freedom of life.

Lin Jia En: Are you really going to just fill (apply) for Taipei universities?

Zheng Ren Wei: Of course! … It’s Taipei! There are lots of wonderful and fresh things waiting for me to see.

Lin Jia En: But I think it will be very difficult for a person to figure out this world. … Arghhhh!

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Who are you!?

Zheng Ren Wei: Uni life, here I come!

Lin Jia En: I can study at the same uni as you and we can go to Wu Bai’s concerts together.

Zheng Ren Wei: Why are you always following me? Even though we grew up together, we should learn what it is that we want.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Do you have a place to stay? … Are you done yet? The dorm matron is coming!

Lin Jia En: Ah!

Dorm matron Mary: Who is inside?

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