In A Good Way Episode 2 Video Previews

I have quite a few of these posts coming up today so lots of Liu Chuan goodies coming up, and lots of Christmas wishes from me! (: Once again, wishing you guys all a very Merry Christmas and happy Boxing Day sales for citizens of the Commonwealth!

One must be crazy to not fall head over heels for Liu Chuan! Oh Liu Chuan, must you be so handsome, genuine, sweet, kind-hearted and helpful for? Yes, yes you must and you must not change any of these qualities! Liu Chuan is one of those rare perfectly written heroes. He is just the guy that everyone wants and so so so much more! The way that he set out to clarify Jia En and Bai Xue’s name was just beyond brilliant. It wasn’t just because he was so awesome in doing so but rather just the way he chose to handle the situation gives him lots of brownie points! He would rather be punished than to push forth anyone’s name because he knows that this would hurt that person. He would rather without and take on the punishment than to get someone hurt in the process. Even taking a step back and seeing how he rejected the student’s rejection was something that shows us who he is as a person. He will always consider the feeling of other people. That is a quality that I really love about Liu Chuan; he thinks of people before himself and this is what makes him so loveable! 

While Liu Chuan is picturesque as the hero here, the drama also manages to give Ren Wei distinct shining qualities. The way he blurted out Jia En’s name was something that he should have given more thought before doing so but it was only because he wanted to help Bai Xue. He likes so he wants to be in her good books. So while he might not be as considerate as Liu Chuan, he does have his own method of protecting the people he cares about. I love that Ren Wei isn’t the all-round perfect guy but has his own unique qualities.

This ep set to solidify Jia En’s friendship with Liu Chuan and it did exactly that. I just love the interaction between them! They are so adorable together and even this early into their relationship they have already built a strong connection with each other. I love that we get to see Liu Chuan genuinely want to help and befriend Jia En even though it is an unconscious act that he is growing closer towards her. Their “date” at the beach was just that. He just wanted to console her but unknowingly, it just shows of his concern towards her. It’s actually not that dense and I am probably overthinking this because right now all that I can think about is In A Good Way. However, despite my thinking, there is a strong caring connection that the two have formed with each other.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: You have always hidden yourself in other people’s castles, allowing other people to decide whether you are to smile or to cry. You aren’t free because you don’t have a castle that belongs solely to you.

Mummy Lin: Why do I feel that Jia En has grown up in a night?

Daddy Lin: I remember how we also grew up in a night back when we were by the seaside watching the meteors.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I believe that you can also find a path that belongs to you.

Student 1: Liu Chuan, I love you!

Student 2: Bai Xue, have you been taken by Liu Chuan? I heard you [two] spent the night together in the dorm.

Zheng Ren Wei: Bai Xue and Liu Chuan did not spend the night together. It was Jia En.

Dorm matron Mary: Mr Liu Shan Feng Student, I think what you should do right now is immediately move out of this dorm.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I believe that I was not wrong [in what I did]. Even if the school has to punish me, I can still face my conscience.

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