In A Good Way Episode 5 Video Previews

Merry Christmas guys! As most of America wind down their Christmas day, I just hope that you all had a very fun Christmas! (:

I am amazed with how smoothly the relationship between Liu Chuan and Jia En is becoming. It’s not like one of those relationships where it causes your heart to jump a beat when you see the OTP close together and neither is it one of those relationships that gets you to ship the couple together OTP. Rather, this relationship is a very progressive and sweet. It has the words innocent and pure plastered all over it. Every ep that the drama dishes out, the more Jia En and Liu Chuan sweetness that it comes with. The drama just knows how the top the sweetness ep after ep doesn’t it? Every time I see them together it just makes me so happy because they just send off such a vibe! They need to dance together some more because I like what I am seeing!

The way that Liu Chuan is falling for Jia En is just a very beautiful watch. She has had a big affect on him and is finding her way into his heart! Liu Chuan as a vibrant awe in the way he looks at her like she is the most precious thing in the world. The way he looked into her during the dance was sizzling with feelings but too bad she doesn’t see it! He sees her in a way that no one can he and understands her more than she understands herself. Jia En’s feelings towards him is still on the neutral side. It doesn’t occur to her that they could possibly have feelings for each other. Right now she just sees him as a good friend who she can talk to but sooner or later she will come to realise that he is more than that.

So far the Liu Chuan that we have come to know is the perfect guy who everyone loves but this ep, there was a different side to him that is slowly being fished out. He has his imperfections and he is going to have to learn how to work with it. I love that we are seeing more of this side as it allows us to understand him more and realise what has shaped him to become of such a person. Obviously his father has had a great influence on him and this has undoubtedly contributed to his personality. I hope that we will get to see more of his family background because the drama has been dropping lots of hints about his family influence on him.

Jia En and Bai Xue’s friendship is a relationship that I have really come to love. It, like majority of the relationships here, is very innocent. I really enjoy the fact that she befriends Jia En without any ulterior motives. She merely wants to be her friend and there is nothing else to it. Bai Xue is not the person that I thought she was and I am very happy about this. I sincerely hope that her character doesn’t change to the stereotypical second female leads!

*Preview one stops at 0:40.

Lin Jia En: I need to learn ballroom dancing for PE. I am going to be tested on the jitterbug.

Mummy Lin: Jitterbug? That’s your father’s expertise.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I just only don’t want people to know that I am the son of a legislative member because it will seem like I am getting some kind of special treatment.

Lin Jia En: You must have something weighing your heart. Aren’t we friends? Is there something you can’t tell me? Why must you hide it?

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Mind your own business. Don’t mindlessly going asking people what they are hiding.

Xie Qing Yo “Ah Qing”: Did you have a quarrel with someone?

Daddy Lin: If there is anything, you must personally talk it out [with that person]. Don’t keep on having misunderstanding after misunderstanding.

Lin Jia En: 3631, are you from Taipei? Do you have any recommendation for any breakfast that is a must-eat in Taipei?

Lin Jia En: Teacher, I don’t really know how to dance to the female part of the [dance routine]. I can only dance to the male part.

Teacher: Is there any male student willing to take the make-up test with Jia En?

Liu Shan Feng/Liu Chuan: Teacher, I will take the make-up test with Jia En. … Tomorrow is Thursday. Do you still remember what we still have to practise?

Lin Jia En: I remember. We have to practise dancing.

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