In A Good Way Episode 6 Video Previews

I love how the drama is showing up with events to coincide with real life celebrations! It really suits the atmosphere and makes it feel like we are a part of these happenings! This was really cute as a Christmas special. It was filled with happiness everywhere and was such a breeze to watch!

Needless to say, I absolutely adored this ep to bits and pieces! What is not to love when Liu Chuan comes to rescue the damsel in distress? My face light up when he came up from behind her and called her “Joan”. That was a very special moment in itself because other than herself, no one knows her as Joan except for Liu Chuan. This is a really good telling of the bond they have with each other, which is a connection that only they know and understand. Whether they know it or not, they have formed a very special bond with each other that is already so strong that no one can break even if they tried. It was very sweet how he politely asked for her hand to dance. (I can’t believe that no one other than Liu Chuan knows how to do the jitterbug but then everyone starts doing the jitterbug once the OTP starts off the dance). The smile on her face was very radiant and filled with happiness and relief that her partner is Liu Chuan. They way they danced glorified the entire floor; they just have that affect with each other! 

This ep was very cute. Liu Chuan starts to come about his feelings for Jia En and what I love about it is that it occurs in a very subtle, laid-back way. He knows that he is developing feelings for her and he doesn’t shy away from it nor does he tries to hide it. When he took that initiative to invite her for a dance through the BBS portal, he came to terms with his growing feelings for her. While what they have for each other might not be love yet, but it is a growing fondness that they have for each other. It is obviously much more obvious with Liu Chuan but I am sure Jia En will see it soon.

Ren Wei was such a cutie here! My heart is with Liu Chuan but I am also really growing towards Ren Wei. He can be adorable when it comes to be. He open crush on Bai Xue is so cute! I’m sure that he has figured out what he likes about her yet but he knows that he likes her. He courtship towards her is just really adorable. He took it to his heart to learn magic and stood by her side the entire night. Most guys would just give up when she rejects them but for over a year, he persisted to pursue her. I really hope that he only has the heart for her because I read somewhere that he will grow to fall for Jia En and that is something I really hope does not happen! This drama does not need a love square!

*Preview one stops at 1:15, plus this preview there is the dance scene where Liu Chuan’s look into Jia En sends lots of sparks flying!

Xie Qing Yo “Ah Qing”: Go ask him.

Student: Quickly, stop lingering about it.

Lin Jia En: Stop it! Leave him alone if he doesn’t want to speak about it. He will get angry if you keep pushing him.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Have you ever experienced a feeling of awkwardness after getting and an argument with a girl and having patched things up?

Xie Qing Yo “Ah Qing”: I never thought you would have this sort of trouble. I thought you were invincible.

Lin Jia En: I want to ask you to help me find an online friend. His username is 3631. It seems like that in his family, there is a legislative member.

Computer screen: “Actually, I am Liu Chuan.”

Lin Jia En: Actually, I also really want to see how the uni dance is like.

Liu Shan Feng/Liu Chuan: Have you ever thought about what the worst situation that could happen during the uni dance?

Lin Jia En: If there is no one who wants to dance with me, it will be very embarrassing.

Zheng Ren Wei: Woah!

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I will definitely ask you for a dance.



I will wait for you at the wood trestle.


Bai Xue Fen “Bai Xue”: Have you seen Liu Chuan?

Student: Liu Chuan went out already.

Oh, if you haven’t checked out the BTS for ep 6, you really ought to. It is a must-watch. Selina RenLorene Ren‘s elder sister who is a member of S.H.E and Daddy Ren pays a special visit on set to visit Lorene’s “future hubby”! It was hilarious how Lorene offered Selina to feel Lego’s abs! The interaction between Lego Lee and Lorene are just so enjoyable to watch. It is no wonder they have such great chemistry on-screen, because they are so comfortable together off-screen! This just makes me ship them more! How cute are their flirts with each other!?

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