My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 6

This drama just knows how to work up your heart doesn’t it? It gets me to squeal, giggle and swoon. Each ep is such a beautiful and natural watch that it makes you want more and more. I especially loved this ep, it was definitely one of the best eps to date. I really loved it, though without saying so, I loved the Christmas dance the most. It was romantic but had such a sweet tinge to it. It is really entertaining and enjoyable watching how the different relationships are coming to light. Everyone is going on a different journey but it is watching the process evolve that makes this drama so endearing and loveable to the heart and brain. It is not a question about bringing two people together but instead it is a statement of their feelings for one another. 

One of my favourite scenes beside the Christmas dance was Jia En and Liu Chuan’s talk on the bridge. I thought it was one that was really well written and portrayed. She apologises for the way she acted and overstepping it as a friend while he just listened and gave a nod to her apology without saying much to it. Even after they have made up, an awkward tension still resides by them and this is something that Liu Chuan is most aware of. I really like that they have this tension between them as it shows the deepening relationship between them. He might have accepted her apology but he feels uncomfortable with what he has done and this is his growing awareness of his feelings towards her which is really starting to take its shape.

When Liu Chuan decided to invite Jia En out for the dance, that was confirmation that he is fully aware of the feelings that he has towards her. He doesn’t try to hide from his feelings but instead he chooses to follow his heart. I loved that he went to buy earrings especially for her. That little thing he did for her is again another confirmation of how much awareness that he has for her. He probably knew that it was a good way to boost up her confidence which is why he got it for her.

Liu Chuan and Jia En’s dance was so incredibly beautiful! They were both covered in happiness. I really adored that Liu Chuan came up from behind and called her “Joan”. I found that moment really special because “Joan” is an identity who, other than herself, Liu Chuan knows of. This is something between them and them only. They have this special bond which just keeps on growing stronger and stronger with time! I really loved the dance! It was just so happy and awe-striking awesome! They way they danced with each other was just filled with comfortableness and ease.

Bai Xue and Ren Wei’s dance was also very beautiful but it held very different feelings to that of Jia En and Liu Chuan. Disappointed that she couldn’t find Liu Chuan for a dance, she accepted Ren Wei’s offer much to his happiness. You could feel his enthusiasm to dance with her while it was disappointment that she had. When Liu Chuan and Jia En were dancing, she watched with disappointment knowing that he is falling for Jia En. Bai Xue knows that but she doesn’t push him to reveal his feelings and this is what differentiates her from the typical second female leads. I love her for this and I really hope that she doesn’t turn into those typical leads.

The friendship between the four girls is something that I really adore. It is just sweet innocent friendship with nothing to it. It is really nice to just see people be friends with each other without any motives behind them. That is what makes their friendship so pure to the eyes. I really loved that her friends tried to persuade her to go to the dance. They just want her to enjoy herself and make the most out of uni life. When Jia En got named as the queen of the ball, her friends were all genuinely happy for her was very encouraging towards her. There was no jealousy or envy, it was just happiness. I just love the realism in their relationship which is an almost perfect reflection of friendships in real life.

This drama is doing a really good job is showing us the different sides to sweet, innocent love. This applies to Liu Chuan and Jia En as much as it applied to all of the other pairings. I love that despite Liu Chuan and Jia En being the main pairing, the drama doesn’t neglect any of the supporting pairings. They are also given the same lovely feeling though nothing can compare to that of Jia En and Liu Chuan. They really shone in this ep in a very different charismatic light. They have that internal blush within them as their heart warms to their online friend. I am really enjoying what this drama is doing to show us the different types of crushes that the characters has. Each of the characters has their unique crush and this is all captured perfectly in a sweet and innocent light. 

This ep really made me fall for Ren Wei. He is actually a really sweet and kind-hearted guy on the inside! He is putting in a lot of effort to pursue Bai Xue. He likes her and he wants to prove to her the reason that he likes her is because she is the perfect girl in his eyes. He ran a very long way just to bring her a warm drink that she wanted. He wants her to be happy and is willing to go run long distances to make it possible.

The drama is very innocent with what it offers and really shows relationships and feelings in their purest forms. It does this well while using the uni lifestyle to show this. It is also doing a really good job to capture the feeling from the late 1990’s and really allows you to take this feeling whether you were there during that time or not. It just makes watching feel very real and earnest.

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