My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 7

Here’s to a happy new year since I probably won’t be able to dish out a post until 2014. Wishing you guys all the best for the new year ahead in whatever lies ahead of you! May 2014 be an excellent year filled with lots of love! (:

This was a very satisfying ep. It might have took me on a roller coaster ride of emotions but in the end it delivered an ending that I could not have asked more of and that for me was very satisfying. I had a whirlwind of emotions running through this ep, ranging from happiness to frustration and disappointment to confusion but I was very content that it got to bring all that out from me because each scene delivered something different and if it can evoke different emotions from me then this means that the drama is really doing its job to keep me invested. This ep was one of the denser ones to date. It brought out heartfelt feelings from our characters and the romantic feelings are really starting to kick in! Momo is back to grace our screens and cover for Liu Chuan.

Ooooo, this jealousy is really making things interesting! Yes Liu Chuan, you should let your jealous side show. I was fuming when the guy who went to meet Sky was not Liu Chuan but I was glad that it wasn’t him because it gives room for the Sky-3631 identities to be revealed. The way this scenario is playing out is much better than I had hoped. I was hoping that the drama would extend on this and use it to bring realisation to Liu Chuan’s feelings and it did just that. I love that the drama did not drag on with this scenario but rather allowed it to bridge Jia En and Liu Chuan closer without the drama troupes to it. The way their misunderstanding and the way it was resolved was just very subtle and well written. There isn’t the need to create any dramatic effect with it because it alone was enough to keep the drama moving. Liu Chuan is fully aware of his feelings for Jia En which is why he doesn’t want to hurt her. I bet his heart just beating so fast when she rolled over while she was sleeping and placed her arms across his shoulders. He just jolted awake with his eyes wide open!

While the romantic storylines might be the main focus here, the friendships is something that cannot be neglected. Whether it is between the girls, the guys or the group as an entirety, their friendship is something really well written. So far I have really been loving the friendship between the girls but this ep has really won me over with the guys’ friendship. I just love that they have their backs on each other and are always ready to help without question. Regardless of what happens, none of them will betray each other. Ah Qing and Ri Qi both know of Liu Chuan’s dilemma with Jia En but they are both keeping it as a tight-sealed secret. When Liu Chuan asked Ri Qi to pretend that he was 3631, he stepped up the favour even though Liu Chuan did not tell him the reason behind it. Ri Qi trusts him and that is enough to go through with it.

Ren Wei and Jia En’s friendship just keeps on growing better with time. It was a good thing that she came down to Taipei to find him or else their friendship would not have been as strong. I just love how the mutual support and care for each other. It was so sweet how he went to tuck her into the sleeping bag so that she would not get a cold, though one of my favourite scenes of them would have to be when she gave him the hand fist telling him that he can and will court Bai Xue.

While Ren Wei’s personality is like a complete opposite to Liu Chuan but the things that he is does for his friends and his perseverance to pursue Bai Xue just makes him more and more awesome! I loved how he came to her defence when she was pressured to tell of who she likes. The way that he goes to protect is just very sweet. He isn’t going to give up until he gets her or she chooses someone else. He knows that Bai Xue has her heart on someone else right now but he is determined to win her over when he told her that he doesn’t want to understand what she is trying to say now.

Jia En has really grown so much since she entered Taipei. She is no longer that shy, dependent girl who is always relying on others for help. She is much stronger now and is able to stand up on her own terms. I loved that she took the initiative to invite 3631 out to meet and she didn’t even think about giving up once. She isn’t your typical female leads who needs the situation to be read out in front of them, but rather she picks up cues and faces the situations that come at a very subtle and mature way. She notices that Ri Qi isn’t her 3631 and even when she finds out that Liu Chuan is her 3631 she doesn’t try to change the fact that he was trying to conceal that fact but instead she just asks that they go back to how things were. I absolutely loved the way she handled the situation; she did so in a way that won’t ruin their friendship while giving not pushing him to explain. Their relationship definitely will not return to the way that it was now that they know each other’s identities but this is just the beginning of the next phase in their relationship.

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