Mini Trailers for Upcoming Drama Chocolat

The very first post of 2014! I can’t believe that 2014 is already here! May it be filled with lots of love, laughter and happiness! May it be another drama-filled year!

The drama set to premiere after The Pursuit of Happiness which is due to broadcast its finale this Friday/Saturday, Chocolat is a manga adaptation of the same title starring Blue Lan and Japanese actress Nagasawa Masami. Masami actually filmed this prior to filming Summer Nude so this drama has been in the post-production stages for quite a while now. Blue has had experience in the cooking arena since his previous drama, Happy Michelin Kitchen, was also another cookery-based drama. He once again plays a character very similar to his past roles so there’s nothing new that we can see from him. I was never really a fan of Blue and I don’t think I ever will be if he keeps picking up projects like this! Masami will be speaking Mandarin in this drama and her voice will not be dubbed but I guess it makes sense since her character is a person who has recently come back from Japan. There is obviously some inaccuracy with her Mandarin pronunciation but you have to really applaud her efforts for filming in a non-native language. 

Chocolat will be taking the most damage ratings wise since In A Good Way over at SETTV is a current ratings hit garnering world-wide recognition and love from local and international communities. To put up a fair game against IAGW, Chocolat has got to put on a miracle show or IAGW will have to put up a terrible show but I highly doubt that any of the two will occur. These days, the Taiwanese audience are shifting away from manga adaptations and are leaning towards original stories with original writing so Chocolat has got to pull something to stay in the ratings game. I doubt that it will be able to get ratings past 0.75 let alone 1.0, but we will have to see with time.

The trailers released are very typical of your manga adaptations. There is nothing about it that stands out to me, maybe except for the cakes. I won’t be watching this as I have got waaaaaaaaay too much dramas going on right now, plus this isn’t my cup of tea but at least the trailers were worth a laugh.

Qin Shi Wu (Blue Lan) gets released from jail and returns back to his former territory and is shocked to find that it has been transformed into a patisserie. Chen Qian Hui (Nagasawa Masami) returns, presumably from Japan, claiming that she is Maya’s daughter. Mai Song Qi (Ma Ru Long) tells Shi Wu that if he wants to stay then he will have to learn how to make cakes.

Qian Hui wakes from a dream about her mother, Ma Ya. Song Qi decides that he is going to take Qian Hui in, who feels very apologetic to what he has done to Ma Ya. Song Qi makes breakfast and invites Qian Hui to eat but she refuses. Song Qi recalls to how Ma Ya used to cook for him and his underlings. Qian Hui doesn’t want Song Qi’s care and tells him that she just wants to see the guy how the guy who left her mother is like. Song Qi is determined to make up for the damage that he has done to Qian Hui’s heart.

2 thoughts on “Mini Trailers for Upcoming Drama Chocolat

  • January 1, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    I think it says a lot if the cakes stand out more than Blue’s face. 😛


    • January 1, 2014 at 7:42 pm

      LOLOLOLOLOL! It reminds me of The Patisserie with No Name but with a lower quality of food production.

      Happy new year to you too! May 2014 be a great year for you! All the best this for whatever path you are about to go on! (:


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