Chocolat Character Introductions

Chocolat is exactly that of drama following your typical damsel in distress-prince charming storyline. Girl in needy seeks help, guy becomes her protector and they fall in love. I have nothing against dramas following this storyline but to impress, they have got to tweak the story and offer up something that allows it to stand out from the crowd that is overflowing with dramas following this same storyline. Sadly, from what previews have been showing so far, this drama doesn’t seem to be doing that. Hopefully the drama proves me wrong! Like I have previously said, I am not going to catch this but maybe I will post sparing updates about it if there are people interested. (:

Blue Lan plays the typical rouge guy who needs an angel to come change his view towards life and make him a better guy. I have only seen him in Easy Fortune Happy Life but already, his role as Qin Shi Yu is very much like Yan Da Feng in EFHL, and I didn’t even really like him in EFHL. He might not be able to show a different side to his acting skills but at least he will give a solid performance.

There isn’t much going for Nagasawa Masami who plays Chen Qian Hui. Qian Hui is your typical female leads needing her prince charming to protect her. She will change Shi Yu for the better and they will grow to fall for each other. So far they don’t appear to have chemistry with each other but for the drama’s sake, I seriously hope that they will grow some!

Anyway, check out the character introductions below! I hope that the drama actually does something good with this patisserie storyline!  

In the heart of the fighting genius, there is only moral principles. The loyal and righteous Qin Shi Yu, would sacrifice his life if needs be to avenge for his bro. However, when he begins his new life, what awaits for him is a very different life. In order to repay for the kindness, he came the rebellious angel’s guardian. When the rouge/hooligan gets defeated by love…

The lovable and hateful rebellious angel. In order to avoid being chases down by debtors, the strange Chen Qian Hui can only depend on Chocolat (lit. Rouge/Hooligan Patisserie). When the angel falls in love with the rouge/hooligan…

4 thoughts on “Chocolat Character Introductions

  • January 4, 2014 at 1:08 am

    Aww….I was actually hoping for an actually drama about cakes but I guess somehow this will do. Thanks for your post, it helps me understand it a bit better^^ I agree with you about the plot, some scenes of the preview you posted earlier already reminded me of Love Around so I really hope they have something unique about it.

    • January 4, 2014 at 11:22 am

      For other cake/chocolate/baking/cooking tw-dramas you can try Love Actually, Happy Michelin Kitchen (which also stars Blue Lan) or Ti Amo Chocolate.

      Ahaha, it does too! Love Around was such a crap drama! Hopefully Chocolat will not be a repeat!

  • January 4, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    It’s sad because Blue Lan used to be quite a heavy-weight serious actor but he took a lot of idol-dramas projects recent years which wasted his acting talent. He was absolutely great in Outsiders, Police et vous and even in older dramas like say yes enterprise and meteor garden. I think it’s really because of the characters he picked because he does have the acting chops.

    • January 4, 2014 at 5:11 pm

      Yeahh, most of the dramas that Blue Lan has picked recently are quite similar and the characters are also quite similar!


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