In A Good Way Episode 8 Written Preview

I am very happy knowing that Jia En and Liu Chuan aren’t going to publicly reveal the secret between them. I was hoping that they wouldn’t break that bond and so it just makes me so happy knowing that they are going to keep things as it is. Obviously things won’t be how they were but I love that they aren’t intensifying the situation but rather choosing to retain that bond between them. I am actually quite excited to see how they resolve their knowledge of each other, though I would imagine them easily trying to sink back as to how they were. They will try but deep down they will know that there are some things which cannot be reverted regardless of how hard they try because it will be better!

I am just loving they way things are heading for the secondary couples. The drama doesn’t exclude any of the characters and I just love the way their relationship is written in conjunction to the OTP. This makes me also anticipate them getting together. The written preview hints at Ren Wei seeing Jia En as more than just a best friend but I’m not sure how I feel about it. I just don’t want the relationship to get messy!

This ep is going to head down a historical route and like how I am excited to see how Jia En and Liu Chuan resolve their relationship, I am equally as excited to see how this plays into the story. 

Written Preview: 

After the winter break, Liu Chuan and Jia En have a new mutual friend between them called 3631. They have a tacit agreement to not break this secret. However, Xiao Wei is tangled in this secret. She has hopes towards Ri Qi yet she is afraid of getting hurt. The pager rings giving Xiao Wei a reason to hide from Ri Qi but this also traps her into a puzzling dilemma.

In order to surpass Bai Xue’s ideal type, Ren Wei decides to upgrade himself to driving a car. On the driver’s licence test day, he invites Bai Xue to a KTV date. He wants to impress her with his skills in reserving the car. He did not expect that driving would become an obstacle in pursuing Bai Xue. He discovers that Jia En is his lucky star!

Liu Chuan wants to become foreigner languages’ Professor Chang Fei’s teacher assistant because he wants to understand the Old Dutch writing on the necklace that his grandfather left him. What magic does this Old Dutch hold? It allows Jia En to personally weave a lucky bracelet and allows Liu Chuan to say the words that he really wants to say to Jia En?

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