The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 13 Recap

We finally made it to the finish line! 13 weeks but it was all worth it. I really enjoy this drama despite some inconsistencies that it had.  Nonetheless, it was a really good drama to watch and I am very happy with what I got out of this journey.

This ep was concerned with bringing the OTP together and I couldn’t be any happier with how it came about. It was subtle and understated but yet it was very sweet and adorable to watch. Ji An Lei (Sonia Sui) and Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang) had already fallen for each other long ago but they just needed that push for them to realise their feelings. That push came about during their separation which allowed them to really dig deep into their feelings for each other. Yi Kang needed some clarification for his feelings while An Lei needed some confirmation for her feelings. Without him in her life, she started to realise and accept that she could not be without him. It was this separation that brought them together; she had gotten so accustomed to life with him that she didn’t realise just the grand scale of the effect that he has on her until he actually left her. It might have taken 13 eps but at long last she has finally found the one for her!

This drama was really An Lei and Yi Kang’s show, because He Wei Ting (Zhuang Kai Xun/Cash Chuang) and Shen Hai Lun/Helen (Aggie Hsieh)’s storyline was non-existent. They served their role in bringing Yi Kang and An Lei together but didn’t do themselves any justice in their relationship. I didn’t mind because An Lei and Yi Kang alone were enough to sustain the drama and that was enough for me to grow to love the drama. An Lei and Yi Kang really brought the drama home; their relationship was nicely developed which was all that I could ask for.

Watching this drama was like going through the journey with An Lei and Yi Kang. They really made their relationship one that was dense and filled with feelings. While their relationship might have been draggy at times, but it was without a doubt a nicely written one. The Pursuit of Happiness centralises on their development and did a very good job at doing so. Most dramas which are centralised on building the OTP tend to go haywire but that didn’t happen here, for which I am very pleased about. The drama concluded beautifully which really tied together the long journey that Yi Kang and An Lei went through to find each other. 

You Are My Habit:

Yi Kang is back at his hometown home. He is planting the plant (which has blossomed into some yellow flowers) into a pot. He notes that it is very peaceful here and subconsciously asks An Lei can he get used to being without her.

An Lei notes that it is very peaceful without Yi Kang. The bird (which I initially thought was a chicken) pat hers while she lets out a tear wondering if she can get used to being without Yi Kang.

Tiffany is hiding at An Lei’s place while Ah Tai calls An Lei anxiously searching for his girlfriend. Tiffany is pregnant but she isn’t ready for this yet. She doesn’t like unplanned habits. Jia Yi muses how much she wishes that she could be the one being pregnant and tells Tiffany that she should be happy about this. Tiffany fuses that she isn’t prepared for this lifestyle. Jia Yi tells her that this is all love. Once you get used to a lifestyle, you don’t need to fuss over these things. Jia Yi gets a text altering her that her hubby is here to pick her up.

Tiffany and An Lei sit on the balcony. With sullen face, Tiffany tells An Lei that she feels scared when she thinks about the tiny life inside her. An Lei mentions that most girls get married and have kids but Tiffany counters that she is not this type of person. An Lei tells her that it is normal to be afraid when facing a new stage in life but she is not lonely because she has all of them by her. Marriage might have been in her plans but life is full of surprises. It’s not bad to accept these new possibilities. Tiffany tells her that she doesn’t want to become someone’s burden but An Lei tells her that she isn’t a burden. Tiffany continues to brood that she isn’t going to be a worthy mother.

An Lei walks Tiffany to the taxi while she thinks about a new does not always bring happiness. Everyone enters this world crying as a way of announcing to the world that they are here. Even though they are without the warm and protection from their mother, but they know that the world will be accompanying them. The future is unknown, but there is no need to feel afraid because we have each other to accompany us through our difficulties. Life will go on no matter what happens and every accident is a lesson. Wen Ge, sensing that Jia Yi is unhappy, places his hand of top of hers to reassure her. Tiffany and Ah Tai are both wide awake in bed. He intertwines his hands with her, giving her the reassurance that she needs while a tear drops from her eyes.

The cakes that the colleagues ordered has arrived. Yi Kang’s coffee cake is also in the mix but Yi Kang is no longer here. Simon tells Zhi Wei to clear Yi Kang’s table but An Lei offers to do it instead.

Yi Kang asks his father who he got to used life after his mother passed away. Daddy tells him that he never gotten used to life without her; he just does things with her in mind which is why he named his three dogs Xiao Huang, Xiao Yi and Xiao Kang. Yi Kang apologises for making him worry about him while he was in New Zealand. Daddy tells him that with his mother’s memories, he never felt lonely.

An Lei has her house put up for sale (to pay off her portion of the company loss).

Meanwhile, back to the talk between Daddy and son, Yi Kang asks his father if he still loves his mother. Daddy answers that he certainly does or else he could not have fostered these habits. This makes Daddy ask him if he can’t differentiate what he has towards An Lei is love or habit. Yi Kang can’t answer it, especially when asked why he likes her. Daddy tells him that there is no answer to that question because if there is, then it would be drawing a boundary for the love you have for that person. When you love someone, you love them even for their shortcomings. Daddy asks if that girl is as good as his mother. Yi Kang thinks about their times together and answers that she is. Daddy tells him that if this is the case, then he should cherish her.

An Lei goes to pack up Yi Kang’s things and takes home all his eclipse boxes.

Helen is at a wedding without Wei Ting by her side. She looks at her phone and Peter questions why doesn’t she call Wei Ting? Helen replies that she doesn’t want to bother him. Peter tells her that she is very understanding of Wei Ting but is he understanding of her? Holding the bouquet, Helen decides to text Wei Ting that it seems like he has forgotten about her. He immediately calls back and she gets off the phone with worry and rushes to meet him.

Wei Ting is in a drunken mess as he tells Helen that he received news that the magazine centre is going to close. He originally wanted to use it to prove to her father that her decision was right. While in Africa, he told himself that he is the world’s luckiest guy; he has a job that he loves and a girl that he loves. Helen tells her that she doesn’t need to love a successful Wei Ting, she loves him because he is He Wei Ting. She questions if he will still love her if her father chooses to not accept him and he replies that his love for her will never change. She hugs him and he hugs her back.

The girls are trying persuade Tiffany to re-think her decision regarding the baby. Ah Tai (and Wen Ge) comes rushing in with telling that she can’t do that, this is their child. She tells him that she isn’t ready to be a mother yet. He drops to one knee and tells her to believe that she can entrust him with her life. He asks her to keep their child. He will still give her the freedom she wants. He hugs her, telling her he is not going to let go unless she tells him that she doesn’t love him. She pulls away from the hug with a huge smile on her face. She carries her and tells her that they really need to discuss their future together. She complains about her heels and he tells her that for the next 10 months she is only allowed to wear flats. The eye witnesses watches with a smile on their face.

Daddy Shen is so worried that Helen has not returned home yet that he considers calling the police. His wife and Shen Han tells him that Helen chose to go with Wei Ting. They tell him that they need to give Helen some time.

An Lei goes to water the plants that Yi Kang left behind. She empties out the eclipse boxes and finds that Yi Kang has left notes in there. The notes are simple reminders about mundane tasks such as remembering to eat and to bring in the clothes. She tears up as she reads through the notes.


A there-but-not-there Yi Kang tells An Lei that whenever he is around her, he would have lots of worries. Slowly, he discovered that these worries and thinking of her has already became apart of his life. He got confirmation that he has fallen in love with her, and furthermore, he has fallen in love with having her in his life including the bickering and quarrels that they have. An Lei recalls her memories with Yi Kang. The there-but-not-there Yi Kang asks her if she feels the same way as he does because he sincerely hopes that she does. Then she really tears up.

An Lei sticks the notes on her mirror. She subconsciously tells Yi Kang that she has already found her answer; she cannot get used to being without him.

An Lei is staring out at the window when Simon arrives informing her that he has already paid off the debt by getting a loan from Chairman Shen. He tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about him and take care of her own problems. She gets a call from the agent informing her that someone wants to see her house.

An Lei returns home and discovers her potential buyer is none other than Yi Kang. From his entrance to the house to the agent giving an overview of the house, An Lei and Yi Kang can’t take their eyes off each other. An Lei tells the agent to wait in the living room while she finishes off the tour.

An Lei and Yi Kang are in her room, standing by her wall which was once filled with postcards from Wei Ting. He pulls her into a hug, telling her that he wants to buy her house because he wants this to be his house after he gets married. He wants to live here with she wife.

An Lei pulls back from the hug. She looks dazed and asks him what he means. He tells her that he wants to get married but he hasn’t proposed yet because he doesn’t know whether the girl he wants to marry will agree. The girl he likes likes to do things that she is accustomed to in places that she is accustomed to. However, strangely, she likes to deny these habits that she has fostered.

Yi Kang asks her if she is accustomed to life without him? He informs her that his father told him that if there was no love involved, these habits would not be fostered. He tells her what he has been wanting to tell her; he didn’t mistake habit for love. These habits came about because he loves her. He tells her that he heard a lot has been happening to her these past few days and how anxious she must be. She suffered all this yet he was not by her side. He tells her that he loves her because he is accustomed to having her in his life. She looks at him with a teary smile.

Yi Kang kisses An Lei. He pulls back and looks at her who is sobbing with tears. He hugs her. They knock forehead and he apologises. She kisses him and they take it to the bed. They break apart and he looks at her tenderly. They continuing kissing each other when she reminds him that the real estate agent is still outside. Cheeky Yi Kang muses that the agent won’t know what’s happening.

The real estate agent hears giggles and smooches coming from the room. He also hears Yi Kang telling An Lei to stop it because his ear is ticklish.

The real estate agent takes away the sign and shouts to the couple that they shouldn’t have involved him in their couple fight. The couple happily embrace each other.

It’s been a while but Helen finally calls her daddy out to eat. She invites him to a restaurant that she compliments the food being really nice. Daddy eats it and agrees. Thinking that Helen wants to invest in the restaurant, he calls out the owner only to find that it is Wei Ting. Helen asks her father to accept Wei Ting and tells him the effort that he has put in to prove his worth. Daddy reluctantly gives him a chance.

The Ji family is out with An Lei and Yi Kang for their wedding pictures. An Lei narrates that happiness is when to people watch the same scenery together. She finally has someone who she can rely on. Mummy tells Yi Kang to take good care of An Lei.

Yi Kang asks his new wife why she is trembling and she replies that it she is excited because it feels very real now that she is wearing a wedding dress. He tells her that this is because she knows the life on here on will be different and this earns him a big smile from her. She notices that he is trembling too and he replies that this is also his first time.

The photographer (Director Winnie) lets out a huge sigh and complains about his weak love life. His pregnant wife (Director Winnie’s protege, Li Qing Rong and director of this drama), comes marching in demanding that he sign the divorce papers. He claims that she is having an affair but she explains that the guy is her cousin, and just then the cousin walks in resolving the cousin misunderstanding. However, the wife is angry at him for not trusting her. Mummy tries to elevate the misunderstanding but isn’t doing any favours. Yi Kang tells the wife that love requires care and furthermore, always speaking of divorce will hurt their love. As long as there is love, there is nothing that one cannot overcome. The quarrelling couple make amends.

The family ends up taking the pictures with Yi Kang and An Lei smiling ever so sweetly at each other.

Yi Kang is working on some design when An Lei gives him a peck on the cheek and questions what it is. He tells her that he will know in two days time.

An Lei backhugs Yi Kang to sleep but he tells her that he prefers hugging her to sleep so they switch positions. She places his hand on her belly and narrates that when she started to get used to his odour, temperature, his hugs, his voice and his everything, happiness is like all these habits.

An Lei and Yi Kang are sitting on a hill overlooking the beautiful city. He tells her that he has taken a week off work for both of them so that he can take her motorbiking around the island for their honeymoon. He shows her the motorbike and she realises that it is the design that he was working on. She happily tells him to begin their journey.

As they are riding, she informs him that they have to start getting used to life with three. He is shocked, happy and speechless. His eyes are filled with unshed tears and he just nods his head. All I could think about then was for him to keep concentrated on the road!

At work, a fortune teller informs the crew that An Lei and Yi Kang’s spots are prosperous for love. The fortune teller informs the crew that to be prosperous in love, all they have to do is follow her dance. Yi Kang starts dancing along even though he his already prosperous in love. Simon informs her that she has been promoted. Yi Kang and An Lei kiss. An Lei narrates that happiness is dreams that you look forward to which unexpectedly materialises.


My Opinion: 

A very lovely conclusion to a drama that was wonderfully set-up. I can’t say that the drama is perfect because it certainly is not but it didn’t have to be perfect because the flaws that it had was what helped it to become the wonderful drama that it was. It lead us on a journey that was filled with blood, sweat and tears. It spoke of a love story that was explored to great depths. I absolutely loved the way Yi Kang and An Lei’s relationship came about. It was built up so thoroughly and their characters were really fleshed out in order for us to see through their pursuit for happiness. They both had a broken heart that needed to be repaired and this came about because they had each other. Without knowing it, they had become the bandaid for each other’s heart, one that will stick on forever.

The drama did an extraordinary job in building up An Lei and Yi Kang’s relationship right from the start. The drama delved into An Lei and Yi Kang’s heart and opened it right up for us to see. They were both hurt and running against time. However, with each other by their side, they healed up each other’s broken heart and grew to understand each other. They understand each other in a very unique way and they are able to be the one for each other to rely on. They went on the pursuit of happiness and happiness is what they found. I really loved the realism that the drama evoked in their relationship. They took their time to heal and move on and never once did they drama try to push them together.

Sadly, the relationship development that An Lei and Yi Kang had did not happen for Helen and Wei Ting. Their relationship was very shallow and did not have much substance to it. They were just thrown together for the sake of being thrown together. The supposed journey was for them to show to her father that they made the right choice in choosing each other but I didn’t see anything to prove so. One of the first problems in this journey was that her father showed no reason as to why he objects to Wei Ting. He just didn’t feel that Wei Ting was fit for his daughter but there was no support to this feeling. Helen and Wei Ting’s relationship didn’t concern growth which was why their relationship felt very lacking. Though, I am glad that they helped to push forth the OTP.

Yi Kang and An Lei were such a great OTP to watch not only was it because their characters and development was well written but it was also due to the amazing chemistry that Sonia and Tony had with each other. One would have to be blind to not see the sizzling fire that they had between them. They started off with some weak chemistry but this gradually built up as the story progressed. They were amazing together. They were just very comfortable and natural around each other and this allowed their acting to really complement each other. The scenes of them together were just amazing because they helped to bring out the best in each other.

The production of the drama was just amazing. Every little detail was done to help further express the drama. I liked how words would just appear up on the screen to complement the inner thoughts of An Lei and Yi Kang. The drama had quite a lot of narrations and heart-to-heart talks which was all used very creatively in fleshing out the characters. The dog, Yoyo, was a very natural touch to the drama. The addition of Yoyo just helped to further the comfortable atmosphere of the drama. The Pursuit of Happiness was a beautiful drama despite its flaws. 13 eps was sufficient for this drama or else it would have really been draggy. I enjoyed it for the wonderful story it gave and I am very glad that it ended beautifully.

3 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 13 Recap

  • January 5, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    I like the part with the birds, daunting (as it is meant to be, as AL faces life without YK) yet cute, thus making it less daunting, but yet managing to bring across the message of the loneliness that exist

  • January 5, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    I am glad that there is little story line on Wei Ting & Helen. You are right “An Lei and Yi Kang alone were enough to sustain the drama”

    It would have been disruptive to have too much of story line on the rest, yet, as a story, it cannot have been totally devoid of others characters. Hence, a necessary evil, I am glad the show kept the story of the other characters simple.

    • January 5, 2014 at 5:21 pm

      The bird links back right at the start when An Lei was lonely and broken-hearted. I love what the drama did to show how much An Lei has changed.

      Yeahh, this allowed for An Lei and Yi Kang to take centre stage, but I do wish that Helen and Wei Ting had more development to make their relationship feel real.


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