Chocolat Releases Manga-themed Opening Sequence

An opening sequence says a lot about a drama because it sets the overall theme as well giving an insight to the drama. Usually, it is one of the first things you base your impression of the drama on and it can either lure you in to watch the drama or make you stray away from the drama. The opening sequence for Chocolat is quite underwhelming. It is basically just a series of scenes strung together added with some manga filters without much effort or thought put into it. It is either a bad indication of how the drama will be or a good indication that the drama won’t be very good. Either way, if this entices you to watch the drama then so be it, but it is a no-no for me.

The song is quite suitable for the drama, but it just makes the drama appear much more dark and gloomy than the rom-com that it is supposed to be. The song is supposed to portray that rouge feeling but it is going a bit too overboard in masking the softness of the drama. The desserts look appetising, but it doesn’t fit in with the theme of what the opening sequence is offering. The cakes reminds me of the opening sequence for The Patisserie with No Name (AKA Amour et Pâtisserie), except this opening sequence doesn’t allow the cakes to shine in such a light. I did enjoy the manga filters but that was the only thing that I enjoyed out of the opening sequence. Even then, it was something that was done quite effortlessly. One thing for certain is that there is going to be lots of tears here! 

2 thoughts on “Chocolat Releases Manga-themed Opening Sequence

  • January 6, 2014 at 12:32 pm

    While watching the opening sequence I kept wondering to myself, Where is all the text?! As in, where are all the opening credits and what not? Like you said, it’s just a montage of scenes which, in my opinion, don’t really do a great job of meshing the “gangster” and “dessert” themes of the drama.

    • January 6, 2014 at 12:42 pm

      I know, it doesn’t even tell you who the actors are or who the characters are!

      I know! The opening sequence just feels really shabby.


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