Chocolat Episode 1 Video Previews

Chocolat released its first previews for ep 1 and it is exactly as expected with nothing that actually enticing that appears to be coming from the first ep. But then again, it is just a 30-sec preview so I might be entirely wrong, though it is highly doubtful. As a live action, you can only expect so much from the plot so most of the expectations comes from the acting and the execution. It is these two factors that helps the drama to score or fail to reach the points required as they are the building blocks to a live action drama. When one falters, the other is also bound to fall. Ever since the very first teaser came out, I have had a of a problem with the execution which just doesn’t gel with what the drama is trying to offer. Even now seeing the previews, I still like the execution is off. This is certainly going to have a huge effect on the acting portion which is evident in these previews.

Chocolat is a rom-com but the vibe that the preview offering appears to be on the serious side than it is light-hearted. The anime and exaggerative effects are supposed to lighten to the drama but from how I see it, it isn’t doing too good of a job in that area. It tries really hard but it isn’t giving that comedic effect, at least that is how I see it. 

I love watching crosses between actors of different countries speaking different native languages. I enjoying seeing how the actors bring across chemistry as it is quite difficult to do while trying to jump over that language barrier. Chemistry builds up through off-screen interactions and this chemistry translates on-screen. I really hope that it does so for Blue Lan and Nagasawa Masami but the preview doesn’t show much interactions between them. In fact, the previews hardly shows any dialogue from Masami and the only speaking that she does are in Jap. I hope the drama isn’t trying to mask her weak Chinese by throwing in lots of Jap!

Qin Shi Wu: Isn’t the entrance supposed to be here? What is this?

Mai Song Qi: Welcome.

Qin Shi Wu: Boss.

Mai Song Qi: Shi Yu. Did you just get released out of jail today?

Qin Shi Wu: You forgot?

Mai Song Qi: I was busy at the shop so I forgot.

Qin Shi Wu: What are you talking about? Why did the headquarters turn into a patisserie?

Mai Song Qi: Welcome.

Qin Shi Qu: Sis Ma Ya?

Ah Li: Xue Lian Bang has already officially disbanded.

Chen Qian Hui: (In Japanese) Who is this person? Is he going to transform into something else?

Xiu Hao: (In Japanese) It’s a murderous look. It would be best if you not involve yourself into this.

Qin Shi Wu: Xue Lian Bang has disbanded?

Xiu Hao: She was sent from Dao Zhong society as the killer to secretly kill Boss.

Ah Li: That’s right, Sis Ma Ya was a very just woman in her youth. I can’t imagine why Boss would pursue her.

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