In A Good Way Episode 9 Written Preview

Despite the video and written previews hinting that Jia En might be kidnapped, I am sure that she is safe and sound and even if she isn’t, I am sure that she will be able to find her way out of this mess because she is a strong and persistent girl. She is not going to let them baddies get to her and she will put up a fight with them if she has to. I can rest assure knowing that this storyline is going to be used in a way to push the drama forward so Jia En will definitely make it out of this unscathed.

Uh-oh, we are heading on some dangerous territory and I’m not sure I will be liking where we are going. It was soon or later that Bai Xue was bound to discover Liu Chuan’s identity as 3631. This was a secret between Liu Chuan and Jia En but it was one that they could only hide for so long. This will push Bai Xue to face her feelings and hopefully she will be able to move on after she confesses to Liu Chuan because she does not need to brood over not getting him. She knows better than anyone that feelings cannot be forced so she can’t force him to reciprocate her feelings. She has Ren Wei who is waiting for her to give him her heart! I just hope that this discovery will not ruin Bai Xue and Jia En’s friendship because the drama definitely does not need that. 

Written Preview:

With the radio broadcast of the kidnapping news, the fugitives hiding in Guan Yin Mountain are extremely worried. Jia En’s friends search from day to night but still cannot find any clues leading to Jia En. Jia En, where exactly are you? Daddy and Mummy Lin go to the temple to pray for Jia En, Liu Chuan and Ren Wei’s blessing. Liu Chuan’s wishing bracelet falls off. Will the wish he made come or true or otherwise?

Bai Xue inadvertently discovers that Liu Chuan is Jia En’s 3631. She watches as Liu Chuan worries for Jia En and decides to confess! Standing on the rooftop looking that the person she likes with courage, Bai Xue brings out a cup of red tea and speaks of the the crush she has hidden for so many years. What should Liu Chuan do? Now, Ren Wei has become the supporting role in Bai Xue’s love life…

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