My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 28-33

I’m taking it real slow with the drama due to some lack of motivation. Somehow, as it reaches the second half of its run, I am starting to stray away from the drama. I was really enticed during the first half of its run but not so much any more. Maybe it is because of all the political games and whatnot taking place but that aside, it just lacks the pull that the first half had. The energy that the drama had during the first half seemed to have shifted away here. Plus, there was a lack of Yu Wen Yong (Daniel Chan) these eps which was a disappointment. I just await to see him back soon and kick some butts!

Despite the lack of energy these eps, Lan Ling Wang (AKA King of Lan Ling) has managed to prove that it is standing strong on a sturdy platform. The pacing of LLW is something really enjoyable to watch. They take the time to build up the tension required yet everything progresses in a very well thought way that does not appear to drag. Dragginess is hard to handle in ancient dramas so I am glad that LLW does not have this to drag it down. The way the events unfolds is something that I really like because it creates long-lasting impacts on the events that it touches. That is something that the drama is really doing well at and something that makes watching very interesting, though the sparks that it started off has undoubtedly been diluted throughout the sparse theme of the drama.

Lan Ling Wang (Feng Shao Feng) is the people’s ruler. He just wants the best for his citizens and is willing to put up sacrifices if it ensures the benefits of his citizens. He is a righteous man and will put up a fight to protect his people even if it means putting himself on the line. He will fight for his people and even go against the emperor’s wish as long as it is for the better of his people. His people have come to love him, respect him, look up to him and listen to no one but him. The people dare to disobey the emperor’s words, answering only to LLW. The way LLW leads is a way which people respect greatly as his leadership ways has shown that he only has his people’s hearts at mind. Even as he gives into emperor Gao Wei (Zhai Tian Lin)’s request, he still maintains his righteous in what he does. He gave in because he knows that this is the better option for his people but he sincerely apologised for his decision. His people respect that because they know of the leader that he is. LLW is a leader for the people and despite whatever feelings he may have towards the emperor, that is not going to affect his leadership.

What the writers have done is paint LLW as a very just and persistent hero for the people. LLW is the heroic lead that people will fall for. I love the job that writers have done in sculpting his character. LLW was written as the hero right from the beginning but there has been growth in him to become a better hero. On top of being a leader and a hero, he is also a loving hubby to Yang Xue Wu (Ariel Lin). LLW has a number of titles on his plate but when he gets home he is just a hubby to Xue Wu. The way that he balances all these different roles yet allows them all to shine is something that is really well written and well portrayed by FSF. LLW has different sides to him yet all of them are intertwined with one another showing the person that he is.

Xue Wu is a very loving wife to LLW. She wants doesn’t try to hinder his leadership but instead she helps to to achieve better while doing her best to help keep him safe. I love that she is his support and the one who he knows he can lean back on. He doesn’t have to put up a strong front when he is with her and he knows that she will love him regardless the decisions that he makes. Xue Wu is constantly on her toes trying to keep her hubby safe. They were able to go on their little retreat for a while living the life of a commoner but the commoner life is not for them. Their life as commoners was really precious and we got to see a side to Xue Wu and LLW where there is nothing that is on their constant worries. I love that moment of peace for them as we got to see something different from them.

Nikita Mao is doing a superb job as Zheng Er. She is really giving Ariel a run for money in taking the limelight. Nikita has really stepped up the game now that Zheng Er has become empress. The only thing running in Zheng Er’s mind which motivates her to do what she does is revenge. She wants revenge on LLW for breaking her heart and she will not be content until she sees him and Xue Wu suffer. Zheng Er is evil and wicked. She is going to make sure that she gets what she wants using whatever means possible. She is very fierce and I was especially terrified when she forced her “friend” to drink the posion wine so that she can take her identity. Despite her being an evil character, she is a very interesting character helping to shower the drama in colour. Nikita pulled out a surprising performance as Zheng Er that I am really enjoying.

I need to pick up some motivation to finish off the drama! Hopefully there will be some strong performances soon, especially since YWY is set to grace my screens again! (:

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