My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 9

In A Good Way is doing such at amazing job at everything whether it be the character portrayals, storylines, directing or whatever that I cannot fault anything. (Or maybe I just love IAGW too much to fault it.) I can’t say that there are not faults but the faults are so minuscule that it can be overlooked in the bigger picture. IAGW just captures the whole uni/love façade picture-perfectly, filling each scene with sincere feelings. This is something very empowering because it is these feelings that pulls you to feel for the characters and the drama as a whole. IAGW does a really good job in utilising each of the characters to give off the right amount of feelings to pull the entire drama together. I love IAGW for this reason because as a drama-watcher, I want to be completely dissolved in the feelings that it is giving off and I am whenever I am watching IAGW. 

As expected, Jia En was safe and sound but despite her setback in the task, she persisted on to find her way back to the meeting point. The prospect of Jia En in danger was merely just to push Liu Chuan out to reveal his feelings openly for the very first time, having hidden it in his heart all this time. He has been harbouring a secret liking towards her for quite some time now and this just concreted that feeling. Having kept it in his heart, he had the chance to deny his feelings but he can no longer do that now it is out in the open. Consciously or unconsciously, Liu Chuan treats Jia En differently to other girls. He is much more tentative and caring towards her and as he falls more for her, he begins to take more notice of her. She has found a place in his heart and this just makes him want to protect her and take care of her more than ever. Jia En isn’t his everything; he still has a life that doesn’t revolve around falling in love, but she has definitely affected him in a way that he would have never saw coming. She affected him right from the very first time they met which was why he went breaking school rules to hide her at campus.

This was the ep that Bai Xue really shone in. She was absolutely stunning here. I love that we get to witness her continual growth. She really stepped it up a notch when she confessed to Liu Chuan. The two have a long and strong friendship that she cannot afford to lose but seeing his growing feelings towards Jia En, it pushed Bai Xue forward to take that step and confess. It’s now or never. She can either take this chance to read his heart and have the possibility of his reciprocate her feelings or she can continue to harbour a secret crush on him while watching him fall for another girl. By confessing and being rejected, this will allow her to move on as well as push forth Jia En and Liu Chuan’s relationship. In all these years that Bai Xue crushed on Liu Chuan, she could have confessed but like I mentioned, they have a friendship that she cannot afford to break and furthermore, she didn’t feel that he had any growing feelings towards her. Their friendship is something that means a lot to Bai Xue and she definitely was not ready to put it on the line.

I just can’t express how much I am enjoying that Bai Xue is not your typical second female lead. She shows that second female leads can be nice and genuine. Please, please, please, please do not let Jia En and Bai Xue’s friendship break! Regardless of what happens, one thing that I can be sure of is that Jia En is not going to do anything that will hurt Bai Xue. Never in the right mind will she pick a guy over Bai Xue. Their friendship is too precious for her to do anything of that sort. Jia En respects Bai Xue and sees Bai Xue as someone important in her life so she will definitely not do anything that will her losing this friend. Bai Xue is a smart girl and isn’t one to break up relationships, especially when it could risk her losing both Liu Chuan and Jia En. She knows that feelings cannot be forced and is not going to force it upon anyone. Like Jia En, she has too much to lose to take this risk. Only time will allow Bai Xue to move on.

IAGW, like most idol dramas, is driven by romance but what IAGW differs from other idol dramas is that the drama is not fully reliant on romance to drive it forth. It has a strong ground with friendship to help push this forth. I also love that campus life is not something shoved in the set-up but rather, it is something that helps our characters to grow. Ren Wei came so close to failing a class because of Bai Xue but he managed to save his butt because he was determined and persisted on. Campus life is the backbone to the romance that is in play. Campus life wonderfully interwoven in the drama to really give that solid backbone for our characters and that is something that I really enjoy watching.

Ren Wei is really growing up with awesomeness. Love him! He is a very sweet guy. Even with an essay to write up, he took out the time for Bai Xue. He knows that she has someone else in mind but he perseveres to pursue despite knowing that it can a futile effort. He does so because he likes her and no other reason is required for him to do so. He likes her and that is enough. I love that even knowing the fact that she likes someone else, he still supports and is always there for her. He even goes to console her with minutes left to turn in his essay! While I was angry for not setting his priorities straight, I know that he only did what he did because it is in his personality to do. He would be going against himself if he walked past a crying Bai Xue to hand in his essay.

Jia En and Liu Chuan’s relationship have never been one that I wanted to push forth because their development is just so natural and they just progress accordingly with the flow. This is why their relationship is so endearing. They are just themselves with each other and I don’t have to push for them to be together because I know they will work things out and come to a mutual agreement about their feelings for each other. Jia En and Liu Chuan are one those rare OTPs where I don’t have to worry about them. I know they will make through this journey safely crossing over whatever obstacles that come with them.

I really love that all our characters are smart and not written as oblivious people who need the picture in front of their face before they see the situation before them. Jia En is a smart girl and I am glad that she is. She might be oblivious to certain things but she picks up the clues around her. While it is obvious that Liu Chuan likes her, she has never thought of that as a possibility. She sees him as a friends and looks to him with admiration but she clues in with the fact that he could like her. I like that, I like that she sees this because she needs to work out what she is going to do about him and Bai Xue.

The last scene with Jia En and Liu Chuan’s talk on the bench have been the talk of this ep and I need to talk about it too! I loved it for various reasons but mainly because of the understanding between Jia En and Liu Chuan. They just know without having to say it. They have an undeniable bond that is very very strong between them. Jia En knows, she knows very well that Liu Chuan is most likely the guy who has crushed Bai Xue’s heart and is the one who likes. However, she doesn’t point this out and instead just tells him that she hopes that he is not the one. She doesn’t want the ball of the decision in her hands. Being the guy that he is, he tells her that if that is what she wishes, then he is not the guy. Though, deep down they both know of the feelings that he has. Liu Chuan did what he did because because the type of person he is, he doesn’t want to toss this ball to Jia En. He does not want to break her friendship with Bai Xue and more importantly, he does not want to weaken that bond he has with Jia En. That was a short scene but it was so powerful and what it did was confirm Liu Chuan’s feelings for the both of them.

IAGW has built up so many good friendships that no one is willing to risk losing. It is all something very precious to them regardless if the friendship has been lifelong or just one year. It is very interesting to watch how each of these friendship evolves, regardless of whether they will develop into a romantic storyline or not. Thinking that Ri Qi is 3631, Xiao Wei has been trying to distant herself from him because she doesn’t want to lose her friendship with Jia En. With her financial burden and family problems, she would rather face this all herself because she doesn’t want her friends to pity her or look down on her. I just hope that she will be able to realise that she has all her friends supporting her because that is definitely what she needs right now. Poor Xiao Wei, I want to see the 3631-Sky misunderstanding cleared up for her because she has a lot on her plate and that is not helping.

The ep was a great ep, attacking on the storylines that I want to see. It really got Jia En and Liu Chuan’s storyline moving as well as provided the entrance for Bai Xue to move on. With things now in the open, it just makes me curious to see how it all plays out. I really want to see how Jia En and Bai Xue’s friendship will play out. Please, please don’t let it break! I also need to see some comfort for Xiao Wei because she really needs this right now. I’m excited for the next ep! Actually, I am always excited for the next ep!

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