My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier: First Impressions

Shitsuren Chocolatier has set itself up in a winning state so hopefully it won’t collapse half-way. I really enjoyed this first ep. It laid out a very solid foundation for the path that it is going to head on and it has all the ingredients for this win. (How can it not be a win with those delicious eye candy chocolates to look at!?) This first ep didn’t catch me by surprise and neither did it make me want to fall for it, but rather, as the cute fuzzball that it is, it left me with lots of cuteness and surprises that is waiting to unveil itself. It was cute and I enjoyed everything that came out of it. Given that this is a live-action, the plot is not unexpected, but I see that the drama has a lot in store to make itself stand-out from being a live-action and that is something I can’t wait to see. 

The direction of the drama was set forth quite clearly; to give insight to Koyurugi Sota (Matsumoto Jun) and Takahashi Saeko (Ishihara Satomi)’s relationship as well as to bring them back together to start their pursuit journey. It was quite expected of from this ep. It didn’t try to throw in any unexpected circumstances but instead kept to its path in introducing the story. It was simple and that simplicity has brought along a great introductory ep. I liked that it didn’t try to cram a lot into this first ep but rather, it just slowly built on introducing different aspects to the drama. I really loved the way that it very swiftly and gently eases into showing Sota’s pursuit for Saeko without trying to overdo it.

This first ep did a really good job in presenting us with three-dimensional characters in the leads. The secondary characters still need time to develop before we get to see a three-dimensional version of them. I really enjoyed that the drama wasn’t shy in fleshing out our characters right from the get-go as this allows us to get-to-know and understand them. Obviously there is a lot more fleshing out to be done but with the basis of our characters revealed, it will be great to witness them on the journey of growth and change. I really enjoyed that it showed us the types of people Sota and Saeko are right from the start rather than have it take shape as Sota and Saeko fall for each other. This would allow fall them to fall for each other in a realistic and natural sense which would make their relationship feel that much more tightly held together as they fall for each other.

Sota fell head over heels for Saeko and would constantly be around her so that he would one day be able to win his way to her heart. Even when he discovered that he was only being used, he was fine with it because this puts him one step forward to getting Saeko. Sota is supposed to still be head over heels for her but I just don’t feel that. This was something that I felt was lacking from this first ep. I just don’t feel the feelings that Sota is supposed to still have for Saeko in these six years. Instead, it just feels like light-hearted high school love which is a feeling that I don’t think the drama is meant to portray. I supposed the whole chocolate-making is supposed to show the feelings that Sota has towards Saeko but it just doesn’t come off that way. Furthermore, I would rather he pursue this career for himself rather than for a girl.

Jun and Satomi have a lot of chemistry between them and this is definitely something that you can see between them on-screen. I just absolutely love the connection that they have between them. It is sweet and very cute. Jun and Satomi are both great actors but playing a pair of OTP, they must be able to complement each other in order to really sell it as a pair of romantic lovebirds. This is something that they are doing well together because in this opening ep alone, we got to see their ability to bring the best in each other during their scenes together. This just makes watching them together so much fun as you are able to see the connection that they have with each other.

I enjoyed that this drama is being told from Sota’s perspective. It is something quite refreshing to see as most dramas tend to have the story told from the female’s perspective. I like that the pursuit is being told in Jun’s eyes as it really sets down something different. It will be interesting to watch the pursuit being told from his eyes since he is the one initiating this pursuit while Saeko has nothing emotionally invested into this relationship.

The story of the drama is good but I find that the cutting of the drama isn’t well done. There were numerous scenes that did not flow well with one another and felt as if it was just scenes randomly pieced together when really, it wasn’t like that. Hopefully the next ep will pick it up with the post-production.

So far, the drama is doing a really good job in showing us where the story is going to head. The momentum is slowly building up and it is going to be interesting when it comes. Shitsuren Chocolatier is a rom-com drama that shows more than being a live-action. I can’t wait to see what else it has in store and how the drama plans to drive itself forward. Please do not disappoint drama!

8 thoughts on “My Opinion on Shitsuren Chocolatier: First Impressions

  • January 20, 2014 at 2:31 am

    Saeko will change (for the better of course), right? Cause I seriously can’t ship this OTP if she’s like this 😀

  • January 22, 2014 at 1:47 am

    I’m back~!!!

    OMG Im a big fan of Mizushiro Setona (mangaka) and to think that one of her work has a live action adaptation, I hope it goes well :DD hehe

    I will be following your blog again for this series! Thank you so much :DD <3

  • January 29, 2014 at 5:44 am

    Weee! So happy to have discovered your blog! Thank you for this ShitsuLatier review^^ I just watched its first ep yesterday. Will be checking your site for updates <3

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