In A Good Way Episode 10 Written Preview

Yay, more Momo here! I am very happy with all the Momo scenes that I get! Here is a really cute story told from Momo’s perspective. It is such an adorable story!

Nowadays, it has become the norm for me to read and watch previews for the ep that is to-be-aired. I used to be all against spoilers but now I am pretty open to having an insight as to what will happen in the upcoming ep. Reading the written preview for ep 10 left me excited and filled with relief, relief knowing that Bai Xue and Jia En’s friendship aren’t going to be on the rocks over a guy. Jia En would never choose a guy over a friendship that means so much to her. The only way that she will be able to be with the guy that Bai Xue likes is if Bai Xue is able to move on and give Jia En the all clear for her to be with the guy. I’m sure that this will happen down the lane somewhere but right now this power is in Bai Xue’s hands.

Feelings are edging closer and my worries are growing more and more prominent! The drama is dropping hints that Ren Wei might fall for Jia En and this is something that I have been worried about quite early on. What is going to happen to his pursuit for Bai Xue if he falls for Jia En? He is just so hung up on Bai Xue that it just seems near impossible for him to have a change of hearts. IAGW is really putting me on edge toying with this possibility. It could come into play or it might not. It is a question of time though Ren Wei and Jia En’s relationship is definitely not something that happens overnight. 

Written Preview:

Jia En’s last day… The midterm report that Jia En has to write for her philosophy class requires her to practice bidding farewell to everyone. She practices with her father. The two are showering with tears. Daddy even eats the season oil fried eggs that Jia En was going to give to Liu Chuan!

For her midterm report, Bai Xue breaks through her fear of heights. She also breaks through the emotional grudges that she holds towards Jia En and this takes their friendship to the next level. Ren Wei realises that he is only a supporting character. He can’t sleep and night and seeks Jia En to talk through his woes. Obviously unrequited love is a pain. Jia En doesn’t beat around the bush and explains why he and Bai Xue aren’t suited for each other. Then what types of girls is Ren Wei suited for? Jia En talks and talks. Ren Wei looks at Jia En. Could it be…?

Bad bad Momo! He eats the sesame oil friend egg lunch box that Jia En made for Liu Chuan and then chews the paper toy that she made for him. Liu Chuan desperately wants to repair it as well as repair his feelings. Jia En encounters a big problem. Liu Chuan is still to come forward. For justice and for love, go crazy!

3 thoughts on “In A Good Way Episode 10 Written Preview

  • January 18, 2014 at 1:13 pm

    Thanks for linking my post, hehe! ^__^
    I haven’t seen Episode 10 yet since I just got home, but this written preview has me pumped! :’)

    • January 18, 2014 at 3:06 pm

      No problem! (: Momo is such a cutie! Hopefully there will be more stories told in Momo’s eyes.

      • January 18, 2014 at 3:28 pm

        I just finished Episode 10! Momo is so… freakin’… adorable. *__* ♥

        One of my blog visitors told me about a continuation to the Momo fanfic; you can read it here if you like!


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