My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 10

^He is one guy who could look deliciously handsome and cute eating a burger! His face is just ringing with sweetness!

This was a another great ep and the drama just continues to slowly work its way through in growing hte plot while never sidelining the initial theme that the drama started off with. This pacing just works really well in this path of self-growth and self-discovery allowing viewers to witness the journey that the characters are embarking on. I have no complaints as to where the drama is heading. I may have worries but deep down I know that the drama will not falter in working through them. In A Good Way is doing a remarkably amazing in job in allowing the characters work through their problems. There is no push for them to resolve their problems or to find the answers to their questions but rather, what the drama is doing is allowing them to seek the answers at their own pleasure and to solve their problems the way they want to. The power is in their hands; it is up to them how they are going to use this power and regardless of how they choose to use it, they must do so knowing that they aren’t going to have any regrets.

My biggest worry remains to be Ren Wei’s impending feelings towards Jia En. The drama hints of the possibility that Ren Wei could like Jia En. It is a possibility that may or may not happen. The drama is playing with this relationship very carefully, only testing out the waters with the hints that it is dropping. I know that even if it is a feeling that blossoms, I have nothing to worry about because the drama will walk the path and put it to good use. But somewhere, at the back on my mind, I just can’t help but worry. Do I want it to happen? I don’t know. I don’t want this to change Jia En and Ren Wei’s friendship but then again, I want to see how the drama will tackle this. But I just don’t see how it could happen with Ren Wei so persistent on Bai Xue. I’m just afraid that he might be on before she may realise that he is the one for her. I don’t know. I’ll just let the drama do its thing!

Phew, it is such a huge sigh of relief to see Jia En and Bai Xue’s friendship head up to the next level rather than downwards. I was all worried when I didn’t have to be (in fact, this drama gets me worried when deep down I know that there is nothing to worry about). There was no hard feelings between the girls but rather a mutual understanding. I admit that I was worried for their friendship but it was a worry that I knew would work out fine. Jia En and Bai Xue are both not girls who are going to let a guy ruin their friendship. Even despite what they are feeling, neither of them are willing to let their friendship go down the drain. They both value each other very much, too much risk losing it. Bai Xue and Jia En had some awkwardness between them but I am glad that they were able to quickly resolve it because their friendship fought through. Bai Xue is truly a genuine girl to sabotage any relationship. She knows that feelings cannot be forced, much like how she tried to force herself to like someone who she doesn’t like, and is one who would prefer living in her own happiness than in happiness that comes from destroying someone else’s happiness.

Deep down Jia En knows of the possibility that Liu Chuan might like her. She knows, she knows it very well and clear but she isn’t ready to go confirm those feelings because of the complications that it will bring between the friendships that she has with Liu Chuan and Bai Xue and to a lesser extent, Ren Wei. It’s not that she is scared to face those feelings but it is because she doesn’t want to. Not wanting to does not mean that she is scared to do so. Jia En has grown up so much already. She is a much stronger and confident girl and knows how to weigh out options to find the best way to tackle the problem. This is why Jia En sees the hints that Liu Chuan is dropping but she chooses not to face it. Facing it would mean that she would have to face a change with her friendships and this is not something she wants to do right now. When Jacky and Zai Zai sparked the onsen conversation, there were some awkward glances between Bai Xue, Liu Chuan and Jia En which is indicative that they are all aware of the buzzing feelings, especially Jia En who has been caught in the middle of all this. Liu Chuan is dropping off hints to Jia En in an obvious but yet passive way. He never tries to force it on her but the hints are coming off in a way that he no longer has control over. She has found a way into his life and it is going to stick. I think not even Liu Chuan knows the extent of his care and worry towards Jia En.

Jia En has definitely shown a lot of growth throughout these 10 eps but especially in these recent few eps. She is no longer that shy, lack of confidence, dependent girl that she once was. Now, she is able to stand up for what she believes in with confidence, determination and power. She is even more willing to do so given that she is helping a needy friend. Jia En has always been a very determined girl and we saw that when she persisted to head to Taipei and retake her final year but her determination has grown so much stronger since heading to uni and meeting all these new friends. It has helped to her broaden her horizons and trigger that justice within her. I was so happy and proud to see Jia En muster up the courage to protest against Professor Chang (who, btw, is such a douche for abusing his students’ grades just because they did not buy his book) but I was even more happier to hear Liu Chuan’s voice when he told Professor that Jia En did not break any rules. And then I got all swoony when he shared a glance with Jia En and held up that protest placard together with her. Dayum, go kick that Professor’s butt and earn the justice that you deserve! OMG, that slight hand brush Liu Chuan and Jia En had was just so perfect. I swear, I just love every bit of Liu Chuan and Jia En’s interaction!

I am so glad that Xiao Wei’s storyline is finally moving even if it take a while. But at least it is moving. She is a studious girl and just because she cannot afford a book does not mean that she should be picked on. That professor really needs to learn why “fair” means. Ri Qi did not come to her aid but at least she has Jia En who is willing to stand up for her. Xiao Wei is a shy girl with a huge burden on her. She can’t afford to cause trouble. She just wants to finish off uni peacefully. I love that even as a supporting character, Xiao Wei plays a vital role with her background really shaping her up. Ri Qi really needs to come clean with her. She already has a lot on her mind and knowing that Ri Qi likes her will definitely boost up her self-esteem. I would love it if Xiao Wei could grow to be a more confident girl.

IAGW has just become something that I look forward to every week now. I need a daily dose of IAGW to make it through each tough week ahead. IAGW is such a beautiful drama that I have come to fall so wholeheartedly for. It is just amazing in all aspects and the cast have such a brilliant chemistry. Seriously, if you aren’t watching this you really ought to get on board. Now would be a great time to do so!

Btw, ep 10 did not end with a preview for ep 11 which means that live-filming must be running really tight or there is some marketing technique going on since the preview for ep 10 was released really early last week.

Check out the leads of IAGW at the fans party for their feature on January 2014’s edition of SPOP Magazine. I really want that magazine, but too bad I live overseas!! Wahhhhh! It sold really well and had to go through a reprint.

There was over 700 fans at the party. Those lucky fans! Daddy and Mummy Ren made a special appearance at the event which caused Lorene Ren to tear up. Mummy was so cute in asking for autographs. Daddy reveals that Mummy would anticipate the Friday airing and then she would watch the re-broadcast on Saturday. It was hilarious how Lego Lee tried to feed a lollipop to Jay Shih. Lorene and Lego’s interactions are just as sizzling on-screen as it is off-screen. She mentioned that she bought the magazine with Lego on the cover and imitated his pose to which he replied that they look like twins. The leads are just so comfortable around each other!

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4 thoughts on “My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 10

  • January 18, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    Thank you for your review. I’ve always looked forward for it….reading reviews & recaps makes watching a good drama more fun & eye-opening.

  • January 19, 2014 at 9:42 am

    That was a great review, thank you. I love how there’s very few stock tropes or generic characters in the drama, everything is so fresh and genuine.

    • January 19, 2014 at 10:10 am

      Thank you! (: Yep, me too! I just love how natural and genuine this drama feels. It just tells the story as it is without the drama troupes that are overused in so many dramas.


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