In A Good Way Episode 13 Written Preview

What day is it? It’s Friday(and Valentine’s Day and Chinese Valentine’s Day), that’s what! This means that it’s time for another dosage of In A Good Way, something that I have been looking forward to all week. Yaaayyy, something to feed my addiction! I am intrigued by everything that happens around Liu Chuan and Jia En and I have got more reason to be so with a confession coming (hopefully the hints are true!). Yep, you heard me. It’s going to be confession time. And it’s not going to be a silent confession either but it is going to be a direct confession. It is going to be Jia En who makes the call on whether she is going to affect his confession or reject it. It’s only ep 12 so there is still so much more that can and will happen for this couple. As much as I would love to see Jia En all chappy and in love with Liu Chuan, I don’t think that it is going to happen any time soon. Jia En is not ready to accept him yet. While she might be aware of her feelings, her heart has not opened up enough to let any one in yet. Regardless of where the drama takes their relationship to, I just don’t want it to come between the friendship between them or the crew for that matter.

While it is happiness coming for Liu Chuan and Jia En, not the same can be said for Bai Xue and Ren Wei. It’s so sad to see the awkwardness that have come between them! But they will get through it and realise that they are meant for each other, right? I am so ready to see some solid development between them because they deserve happiness too. I really want to see how they will tackle their relationship given that Bai Xue never reciprocated his feelings and that it was him to stopped openly pursuing her.

Written Preview:

In the calls for an encore, Liu Chuan and Jia En reluctantly let go of their hands which are embracing each other. Everyone wants Wu Bai to sing another song but in Liu Chuan and Jia En’s heart, they are quietly singing “You On My Mind” to each other.

Xiao Wei runs up on stage. She wants herself to be better and better each day, wanting everyone to support the petition. Chang Fei is ready to strike back with the Principal behind his back. Will the concert let the students be closer to their era of freedom?

The embrace continues to ferment and Ren Wei has a nightmare about that embrace. A dream master helps to point Ren Wei to a certain direction. Who is the person that Ren Wei wants to hug the most? The answer is hidden at the deepest level of his dream.

Liu Chuan invites Jia En out to dinner. He wants to tell her what the embrace means to him. The soft gaze and the speeding heartbeat; Jia En’s apprehensions are being revealed one by one. Jia En, it’s time to take some love credits!

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