In A Good Way Episode 14 Video Preview

Hi guys, sorry for the late release of the video preview! I was preoccupied and this just slipped my mind! Arghhh, but nonetheless it is here and some heavy things are going to happen this ep!

Woooahhhh, that’s a preview filled with lots of emotional backpack! It’s all unleashing one after the other! However, this was something very expected given the huge build-up that it had. It was super duper calm right to the concert so now it is time the rocks to fall. Liu Chuan is in the centre of this rocky battle. He not only finds himself going against what his believes, but he has also positioned himself in a very vulnerable position. It is more than just his future on the line; he is willing to put himself out there in danger all because his Jia En was in trouble. He is definitely brave for doing so, but this leaves him open for attack and I don’t want to see him lose the freedom and friends that he has worked so hard to achieve. I support the decision that he made to succumb to his father’s help because given the situation that he was in, that was the only available choice he had but I hope this doesn’t mean that he is going to shut himself from the world.

Liu Chuan and Bai Xue’s friendship was always one that I appreciated but overlooked due to the other relationships and happenings overshadowing them. Ever since the unsuccessful confession from Bai Xue, there has been an awkwardness between them that was covered with their protest taking place. Despite the awkwardness between them, they are two people who will only wish each other good. They will always be there for each other and will be there to support one another. Yes, it hurts her knowing that he doesn’t like her in the same way as she likes him but it hurts her more seeing him close himself off from the rest of the world. Liu Chuan, you have got to get your act together and stand strong once again!

Bai Xue Fen “Bai Xue”: Setting the club aside and paying no attention it, this isn’t the Liu Shan Feng who I have known for these past five years!

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Then what do you think I should be?

Lin Jia En: Liu Chuan, you can tell me whatever worries you have on your heart. Don’t carry it alone. … 3631, Sunday afternoon at 3pm. I’ll see you at the place where the Tea Confession takes place. I won’t leave until you turn up.

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