In A Good Way Episode 14 Written Preview

This is going to be an ep of angst and sadness for the characters and viewers alike. I have a lot of emotion invested into this drama so just watching and reading the preview was enough for my heart to ache. Liu Chuan has always been a guy who kept his feelings inside and if it wasn’t for Jia En, he wouldn’t have come out of his shell. However, since succumbing to his father for help, he seems to have retreated back to his shell once again. By asking his father for help, he goes against the justice that he has been working so hard to fight for and this is something very tough for him to do. He has always been stood firm with his position and I guess by making this decision, it is more or else a betrayal of himself. Hopefully Jia En will be able to help him see the brighter side of things and help him to stand strong again. I can’t bear to see a moppy and depressed Liu Chuan! Actually, I don’t have to hope because I know that she will be able to do so only because she is the Jia En in Liu Chuan’s heart.

The feelings that Ren Wei has for Jia En is still quite iffy but he is definitely feeling something for her. He likes her but it isn’t to that stage yet where is is head over heels for her. He isn’t going to be making a move on her any time soon. At least he is not going to try to alter the where her heart lies. Though, it is not just because of that. He still has feelings for Bai Xue even though it has lying low in recent times. His pursuit for Bai Xue has really helped to open up his feelings and I applaud the drama for having written it so wonderfully well and having wove it perfectly along with the other relationships. With all the focus on Jia En and Liu Chuan recently, I would love it if there was some substantial relationship development between Bai Xue and Ren Wei. 

Written Preview:

A well-intentioned dinner, a test without traces. Jia En is invited over to be a guest by Liu Chuan’s father. During dinner all that she can see is Liu Chuan’s emotional repress and despair. Jia En wants to know what the hug meant in Liu Chuan’s heart. The meaning behind the hug is…?

The people who can see through your worries the best are the ones accompanying by your side. Ren Wei discovers that Jia En is in love. The childhood friends discuss what it should feel like to be in love. In both of their hearts, a familiar figure appears…

The Treasure Hunting Club is faced with a school hearing. However, at this important moment, Liu Chuan is no where to be found. Where did the club president go?

Ren Wei’s recording gives Jia En an idea and she starts a treasure hunting game just for Liu Chuan. In this era of freedom, Jia En wants to save the Liu Chuan who is not free. In your heart, I shall have the name…

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  • February 25, 2014 at 3:30 am

    Oh you’ll be in for a surprised once you watch this episode! 😀


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