My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 14

Woahhhh, was that ever so beautiful or what? Yes, it was beautiful from the outside and within. It was just everything that you could have asked for and so much more. Not only did not the unexpected happen but the downfall for ep 13 but it happened in a very subtle yet fitting way in retrospect that has been going on with the friends. This ep started out quite gloomy with Liu Chuan hiding away from his friends because of how he sees himself to pretty much a very ass kicking, to-the-heart, sweet confession on Jia En’s behalf. That was very very very beautiful because she sees him and understands him much better than anyone else does, himself included. She has seen the most vulnerable side to him and despite that, she continually remains supportive of him helping him to see the better side of things. This just makes her confession so much more meaningful. There were no “I love you” involved but the way she went out about to express her feelings holds some deeper than just a simple “I love you”. Their relationship stems so much more than words. It is what they feel towards each other and what they mean to each other that counts in a relationship. When Jia En took the initiative to go and hug Liu Chuan, it was a confirmation of her feelings towards him. That was just a very beautiful way to tie up the ep. Jia En and Liu Chuan still have lots of obstacles ahead of them waiting for them to tackle and they will certainly do so together in unity because only when they are together can they bring the best out of each other.

Jia En and Liu Chuan’s romance has been one that I you just can’t help but love right from the beginning. I have just been really loving how the drama has been building up their relationship. It never once felt forced and neither did it felt like the were going through these hurdles for the sake of getting together. What happened was that these became the phases of growth for Jia En and Liu Chuan together as a couple. Every hurdle they jumped, it allowed them to understand each other more as well as to realise what they mean to each other. They have come a very long way since their first encounter, but even then, the moment that Liu Chuan decided to shelter Jia En, it was a sign of the effect that he has on her. I’m sure that should it had been someone else standing in Jia En’s shoes that night, he also would have went out of his way to shelter her but it was her persistence to wait for Ren Wei that brought him to see her more than just a silly girl standing out in the rain.

Jia En and Liu Chuan are similar in so many ways yet very different which is why they complement each other so perfectly well. They have their imperfections  but these imperfections allows them to bring the best out of each other. She allows him to be who he is around her. Liu Chuan has quite a strong front but Jia En broken through it and she was only able to do so because they share a level of mutual understanding.

Bai Xue was yet again brilliant here. Good on her for being able to finally move on from Liu Chuan. I always knew that she would be able to do so, but she bettered my expectations when she not only gave her blessing to Jia En but also when she proved that her friendship with Liu Chuan is not one that can be broken. Jia En might understand him better than anyone does but Bai Xue knows him better than most people do. And there’s a difference between that. Bai Xue has known Liu Chuan for a quite ong time and has witness through all these changes that he has been through which was why it hurt in a different perspective for Bai Xue to see him stray away from his true character. Aside from the confession scene, one of my favourite scenes from this ep was when Bai Xue told Liu Chuan that he is no longer the Liu Chuan that she once knew. That was very heavy and at the moment, I actually felt more heartbreak for her than I did for Liu Chuan.

Oh Ren Wei. I guess it was a little too late for him. It was wrong timing which means that Jia En isn’t for you. So go and pursue Bai Xue! Right from the start I have been iffy about this relationship but now that it is happening, I am alright with it. I like that this complication is kicking in because it allows us to see a different side to Ren Wei. While pursuing Bai Xue, Ren Wei has always been quick to flaunt his talent to try and earn her like towards him but his falling for Jia En brings out a very different side to him. It brings out a gentler and more reserved side towards him. He has become quite calculative towards the steps that he takes in the relationship that he has with Jia En. It is not only because they have a strong friendship that he does not want to break but it is also because he doesn’t want to hurt Jia En in any way, shape or form. Like Bai Xue, Ren Wei is not one to try and gain something that is not meant for him. He likes Jia En but he is not going to be one to try and force her to change her heart. I enjoy what is coming out of this change of heart for Ren Wei and I have full faith that it will bring out more to Ren Wei. I am really curious to see how his relationship with Bai Xue will play out because right now they are further apart than they are together.

While the limelight was on our OTP, it is important not to forget about the other characters, not that you can even if you wanted to. Hehehe! Yay, at last Ri Qi and Xiao Wei resolved their misunderstanding. They are such adorable cuties. I loved how they exchanged their “I have feelings for you” discourse. Xiao Wei very cutely and shyly told him that she likes being around him and I loved how he reciprocated his feelings but drawing her a comic to clarify the misunderstanding between them and then having to explain his comic. Oh, them cuties! What’s better was that the misunderstanding only brought them closer together than shifted them apart.

I am super duper duper duper duper duper excited for the next ep because this is when our OTP are officially together! I’m also really curious as to the progression of Jia En and Ren Wei’s friendship, though one thing that I am certain of is that they will forever be supportive of each other regardless of where the future takes them because they hold a deep friendship. With just over a third of the way to go, I am excited to see what continues to glitter my computer screen for these upcoming weeks.

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 14

  • February 28, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    I have lost count how many times I have rewatched the Jia En treasure hunt confession scene. It is a like a happy drug. I really like how this time it was her turn to “rescue” Liu Chuan, and she did it in an amazing way. They fit each other because they understand each other and have always been able to be honest with each other. He needed to know that people would still like him if he wasn’t perfect. We knew that her response would be positive after she found out who his father was and didn’t change, but Liu Chuan after growing up the way he did with a father who is so false to people on the outside but seems to always be calculating every emotion would not believe it just from this. He needed such a gesture form her. I could watch them hug all day long–with her grinning and with the tears in his eyes. I have lots of OTP s where I think the love match is perfect, but these two seem to be compelte soul mates–both providing each other with that other part which makes each shine so much brighter than they already did alone.

    • March 2, 2014 at 6:39 pm

      Ahahahahaha, I wonder what you are doing to do about ep 15 then because ep 15 was pouring with cuteness from ChuanEn! That confession was just utter brilliance and perfection! She sees through him so so so so so well, in a way that even he can’t see himself in. It is exactly because of the reason that they understand each other and are able to be who they are around each other that makes them such a complementary pair. They just “get” each other and are willing to go above and beyond each other. I’m not talking about sacrificial of life here, but just they manage to bring the best of out each other through mundane things. This was exactly what the confession brought. Jia En set it up for him to see that he needs to be courageous and break through the barriers keeping him short from reaching newer heights.

      It wasn’t just at that moment but there were numerous moments that proved that her impression of him will not change regardless of what pops up. So, it doesn’t matter who is father is, what power he holds etc., because the person she loves is the Liu Chuan in front of her that she has come to know.

      Uh-huh, they are a match made in heaven!


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