In A Good Way Episode 16 Video Previews and Episode 15 BTS

^Way, way, way too cute!

There is too much cuteness going on! I’m not sure that my brain can process this. Well, how can you when there is Jia En and Liu Chuan shooting their cuteness to each other. The level of cuteness between them is just off the scales. Chemistry aside, what makes their romance works is the genuineness that their relationship encompasses. It is just, well, it’s very real which makes their relationship so endearing. There are so many relationships that I have seen where the genuineness is glossed over, never really exploring what holds the couple together. Jia En and Liu Chuan’s relationship is definitely not that. It was built up right from the moment they met two years ago, step by step. They took gradual steps to get to the point where they are currently at, and by doing so, this makes us enticed to see what goes on between them two as we got to witness the growth between them.

I am very giggly about ep 16 with what preview has shown me. They held hands and gave each other hugs and now there is a KISS along the way!? They’re even talking about bases now! And just what is this flirting that they have? It’s now even flirting. It is like mega-cute-elite-mesmerising flirting! I just hope they don’t take things too quickly because they have a fire that they need to maintain. I don’t know how I can handle this any more! This is all too much but goodies that I would like to endeavour! It’s about time that the parents get a heads up on their child’s love life and now comes perfectly. Now that Jia En and Liu Chuan are dating, I wonder how they will face will tackle this new aspect in their life. I don’t want to see them change who they are due to this new phase in their life, and hopefully they will stay true to themselves because this is how I like them best. I like them for who they are. They have such a sweet friendship, I would hate to them change this, but I have no doubt that it is not going to change. 

*Preview starts at 9:18

Tracy: What base have you gotten to with Liu Chuan?

Lin Jia En: What base? What does that mean?

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Dating isn’t a game of baseball, isn’t about reaching what base.

Tracy: You guys are approaching a homerun soon, right? I suggest that you prepare a set of lingerie garment.

Lin Jia En: Dad! Don’t take it!

Daddy Lin: Oh, sorry, sorry. Dating and buying lingerie…could it be that…? It is improper for a man and a woman to be too close. I don’t need to tell you and you know it, right?

Mummy Lin: Your daughter is very well-behaved.

Daddy Lin: I am just afraid that someone else’s son is not well-behaved.

Tracy: What base have you gotten to with Liu Chuan?

Xie You Qing “Ah Qing”: What base have you gotten to with Jia En?

Tracy: This, (holding hands), is first base.

Xie You Qing “Ah Qing”: This, (holding hands), is first base.

Tracy: Second base is (hugging).

Xie You Qing “Ah Qing”: Second base (is kissing).

Tracy: Third base? (Kissing.)

Xie You Qing “Ah Qing”: As for third base…

Bai Xue Feng “Bai Xue”: Urghhhhh!

Tracy: After you have passed third base, the time to wear new lingerie, you will know to thank me.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: Are you interested in bases?

I really enjoy watching the BTSs. It is just very nice to see how well the actors get along with each other and furthermore, it allows you to see more of who they are a person than who they are when they are defined by their characters. It’s actually quite important to see the actors for who they are not for who they are playing. We get to see this not only through the BTS but also through their characters when they allow their persona to shine through. This is what makes their characters feel very real and down-to-earth.

I really love the interactions between the actors off-screen. They are really comfortable with each other and this really transfers on-screen. Lego Lee and Lorene Ren are adorable together, even off-screen. I ship them on-screen and off-screen. Hopefully the ship sails off-screen as well. They are just so adorable to watch! Lorene was such a cutie going through her dialogue with Lego. She asks him how she feels with their first on-set dialogue reading and he answers that it makes his heart feel ticklish. 

The cast gives a run-down on what they are selling for the garage sale and Lorene says looks and laughs at what she just said. Huang Zhen Ni/Jenny Wong and Yao Chun Yao/Jack Yao explains the story behind the pictures, with one of the pictures being of how military officers shoot their hands up while saying “here” in response to when their names are being called out. Chun Yao them goes to make his award winning acceptance speech with one of the faux trophies.

Steven Sun falls asleep while Jenny, Chun Yao and Lin Shu Yu/Apple tries to make fun of him while he isn’t awake. Calvin Lee (AKA Earth, AKA Di Qiu) remarks that pretty girls and guy are good at selling things. Then Jay Shih arrives with his tamagotchis and the Men of Steel start rattling “chicken” words after Earth makes the joke of Ren Wei having looking after 100 chickens/tamagotchis by making a pun on Ren Wei’s name, calling him the transliteration of Wikipedia (thank you Time in the Gray for clearing this up for me! <3) 

The cast is at the bowling alley and Jay Shih obviously does not bowl as well as Ren Wei does. He then struts off some bowling poses.

Oh, I love this cast so much!

5 thoughts on “In A Good Way Episode 16 Video Previews and Episode 15 BTS

  • March 6, 2014 at 1:34 am

    Haha, it’s because 維雞百顆 ([Ren]Wei’s hundred chickens/Tamagotchis) sounds like 維基百科, which means Wikipedia!

  • March 6, 2014 at 9:09 am

    Oh the BTS is another reason to love this show (as if I need more reasons..haha)! The cast has such an amazing camaraderie that I feel like I’m watching a bunch of friends always having a good time (including the director who always seem to be ‘strict’ with Kirsten – that will always make me laugh). Even if I don’t understand what they’re saying (sad that they don’t sub this), I’m still enjoying myself watching how they interact especially the OTP.

    Nice to see another shipper too! I’m shipping Lego and Kirsten real hard right now. Well, who can resist them if they’re being so adorable especially Kirsten. I’ve long ago stopped shipping actors as nothing really happens (they’re just breaking my heart) but with these two, I can’t resist. I’m fangirling again…lol.They continuously feed my shipper’s heart with all the Kirsten flirtations and Lego allowing it and sometimes adding flames too. So all I can do is hope and see if their ship sails off.

    • March 6, 2014 at 10:27 pm

      This cast is just so close and comfortable with each other! This is the sort of friendship that I love seeing. This is what friendship is all about and I’m glad that this is present both on and off-screens.

      Hehehe! (: I hope the ship sails!


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