My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 18

This ep was really centric on the future and what this could bring about. The future has never really been something that has crossed out characters’ minds much until this ep. Their future outside uni is just looming around the corner and it is definitely going to open up new paths for them. They all plans for their future but this can all change in a split second. Regardless of how well planned their path is, it will change in accordance to time. This goes true for Liu Chuan who has had everything paved out for him since his birth but not all is smooth sailing for him. His longing and pursuit for freedom is something that has been so close yet so far from his reach. He has been following along the path that his father has paved out for him but freedom is very restricted. Never once did it cross his mind that he would meet someone Jia En but fate has it fate’s way and since then, she has altered his future in a very significant way. The future is no longer about them as individuals but them as a couple. Life after uni will present big challenges for them and even now just considering life after uni is already a big challenge for them. But these are challenges that they will have to face together if they are going to make it through thick and thin.

First thing off the menu for the lovebirds is a quarrel which has been in the coming but pushed forth but Ren Wei. A quarrel will do the couple good as long as it doesn’t get out of hand because it will help them to strengthen their relationship. They need this in order for them to test whether they are really the one for each other. It will either bridge them closer together or it will broaden them apart and given how perfectly matched the lovebirds are, it will definitely be the former. Though, regardless of how perfectly they complement one another, a quarrel is needed to get out what needs to brought to each other’s attention. That is the only way that they will be able to walk through challenges hand in hand and come out hand in hand.

Bai Xue is easily one of the best girlfriends of all time. She is a very loveable person and such an amazing friend! I love her wise advise and how she gives each of her friends a little push to realise what they want. Her crush on Liu Chuan has been long gone and seeing they she supports the lovebirds, you would have never known that she had her heart broken through it. But she’s strong and that mini phase in her life has just helped her to grow into a stronger character. She not only walked through it, but she walked through it following her heart. I have always like that he knows what is meant for her and what is not meant for her and I continue to love this about her. Not only that, but I also love how she pushes her friends to better themselves. Whether it is her advice that she gives them or how she listens to their dilemmas, she is an eye-opener to them all.

Oh Ren Wei! I am so close to just cracking it with him, save for the honest and good friend that he is. Urgh! For the many steps that he has taken forward, he has taken double that backwards. Ren Wei is a character that I genuinely love but ever since he changed his heart, my heart towards him also started to change. I like him but I am so frustrated with him right now! While everyone is slowly drawing up plans for their future and walking towards it, Ren Wei seems to be stranded in the exact spot that he was in back when he graduated from high school chasing of chasing an impossible dream. His dream will forever remain a dream especially since he seems to be doing nothing towards making it a reality. He likes Jia En, something that he has figured out, but he it remains as a like at most. He sits and watches as the lovebirds shoot their fire at each other while he uses sleazy tactics in a bid to spend more time with Jia En except it doesn’t really lead him any where. He dreams about having Jia En as his wife but he hasn’t even gotten his feelings out let alone taking that step to making her his wife. I’m not sure what he wants to do but he obviously isn’t making any progress towards his feelings. He doesn’t even have an idea of where he wants to head with his future. He tried at his tamagotchi business but there is no thought on how to make it a success. He was too impatient when he banked on his first business success so this time around, instead of making a profit, he has earned himself a load of debts that he has to pay off.

I enjoyed the process of watching Ren Wei fall for his best friend because it has helped to bring about an alternate side to him, but sadly it did nothing to help him grown into a more mature person. And that is something that I am very disappointed in. He can love her except he is doing nothing to confront his feelings. He suddenly just appears to be very weak whereas he was very strong in his pursuit for Bai Xue. Right now, he just seems to be hiding away from his feelings. He sees it but he is just afraid to face it. There’s that prospect that he might lose Jia En as a friend but if he isn’t going to give his feelings a go, he will just be losing to himself. I might be speaking too soon, but I think it will be for the best if he doesn’t end up with Bai Xue. He doesn’t deserve her, not when he is so stuck in life right now. If they are to end up together, I would love to see Ren Wei pick up the pieces and prove why he deserves her because she certainly deserves someone who can see her and love her for who she is.

I am loving the progress with the two secondary couples. This ep might have been centric on the future but it was also about exploring the different personalities to each of the characters and how these mini conflicts helps our characters to better understand one another. Ah Qing and Tracy’s mini fight helped to bridge them closer to one another and allows them to express their feelings for one another. Xiao Wei and Ri Qi’s clash shows just how much they mean to one another. They balance each other out and help to push in each other in a positive direction. There is no hurry for any one of the couples to jump into their feeling and make drastic future decisions but rather the drama is letting them ride it at their own pace. This is something that I really love because it allows us to see what is it that is the person inside them. It feels like I am actually a friend to them rather than just being a viewer and watching this all happen from my screen. And that’s good because this proves that In A Good Way is really fleshing out its characters. It just needs to continue doing that and let our characters take control of where they want to head because ultimately, this is their story to tell.

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