In A Good Way Episode 20 Video Preview

There wasn’t a preview at the end of ep 19 to create suspense much like the mountain search back in ep 8 but there’s no need to worry because Jia En is in safe hands with Liu Chuan by her side. I love that these “thriller” moments are being pulled straight from the pages of Taiwan’s history. It is done so nicely in a way that allows the lovebirds to show their feelings for one another while retaining the time era that it is set in. The time period is something really important to the drama. Technology was not as well advanced back then and freedom was not as free as today. I love how attributes to the way our characters express their feelings for one another. They aren’t held back by the screens of our smartphones and tablets and in fact, they make it go on dates and talk verbally. I think this holds a lot of sincerity and allows us to see a lot of their interior persona, which is certainly a good thing. Hehehe.

The preview shows the parent love here. Daddy Lin adores his baby girl and just doesn’t want to see her get hurt. He wants her to be happy and more than that, he doesn’t want to see her change for someone else. He supports her relationship with Liu Chuan but there is that feeling of not wanting to let run away from his sight. The relationship that they have is very warm and I enjoy watching every moment of it. It is a real contrast to Liu Chuan’s relationship with his father but that does not mean that Daddy Liu does not love his son. Both fathers just have a different way of expressing it and I am glad that the drama shows this contrast. I would like to see some Jia En interaction with Liu Chuan’s family as well and how Daddy Liu will accept her.

Daddy Lin: Do you know what day is it today?

Zheng Ren Wei: August 23rd.

Lin Jia En: Celebrate what?

Zheng Ren Wei: It’s summer holidays.

Lin Jia En: Are you talking about the battle of 8-23?

Mummy Lin: I am busy right now!

All: Happy birthday to you!

Lin Jia En: Dad, were you secretly being sad right now?

Daddy Lin: I hope the person dating my daughter can be like me as the father and let her be free. Are you able to do that?


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