My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 19 and BTS on Lorene Ren and Lego Lee Staging the Kiss Scene

This was not exactly one of the best written ep but it was definitely very well-structured despite the different pathways that each of the characters are choosing to undertake. Everyone is slowly making their way to the future and tackling the obstacles that appear in their path. This ep takes us and Jia En down the terror territory once again but it’s nothing to be afraid about because Liu Chuan will find her and give her lots of hugs and kisses for having made her face this horror alone. Hehehe! I look forward to seeing that! The couples all took one step closer to their relationship and this step is doing them good. Ren Wei, on the other hand, well, he is still the same Ren Wei crushing on Jia En but not having the courage to confess and looking for cheat ways to make money. In A Good Way has been extended to 24 eps so there might be some filler lines and some dragginess involved but hopefully the drama can work well with this extension. 

Most times disagreement help to strengthen relationships and this was exactly the case for the lovebirds. The disagreement that they have brought them closer to unity and they not only managed to resolve it, but they also managed to come to common terms. Things change and love ignites these changes. Just falling for each other has caused so much changes within the lovebirds. The changes are much more obvious with Jia En but Liu Chuan has nonetheless changed since meeting Jia En. It’s one thing to say that they are a perfect match for each other but it is another to see them work through their flaws and find their balance with each. They might seem like every step they take together is well planned and coordinated but like any other couple out there, disagreements do come about. Being a couple, the future is no longer about them as individuals but them as one. In order for this type of relationship to succeed, compromises will have to be made. Both Jia En and Liu Chuan have made compromises while never losing their individual personality. I absolutely adored the way they made up, going to show that no matter what comes between them they will work through it together. They just match each other perfectly well. What I loved most from this ep was not the kiss but the lead up to the kiss. Jia En and Liu Chuan are very alike in thinking. I was just sitting there and awwwwing every time his answer matched Jia En. They lead similar lifestyle choices and thinking which is why they are so compatible for each other. They are perfect as is and then they sealed it off with a sweet but very powerful kiss and I was a goner. It was light, airy and yet so tender. It was filled with life and the chemistry that they have filled up over the past four months. You could feel the genuity and sincerity of love between the lovebirds and this type of kiss means so much more than a make-out session that speaks nothing.

There was a lot of couple developments here and I am keen to watch these developments continue growing. I love that it is subtle growth stages. I am most worried for Xiao Wei and Ri Qi who can’t seem to surpass the “I like you” phase. Deep down I know that I don’t have to worry because they are just walking their own pace. They need to work this out their way only then will they be able to grow as a couple. They must overcome obstacles together become a strong couple who understands each other. Ri Qi is very close to his confession, he just needs to utter those words out and then they can become official! Ri Qi and Tracy’s relationship might have started off as a bet but it is no longer a bet. They have their feelings on the line and despite how much Tracy tries to conceal these feelings, it shows through. Ah Qing is going to alright and they are going to make up, right?

I really adore the friendships in this drama. It is something that has been consistently rounded right from the start of the drama. Whether it is the friendship between the girls, the Three Musketeers, the Men of Steel or them as a group, it is something very strong. It helps that the cast also have a close, tight-knit friendship behind the scenes and this friendship really transfers on screen. The girls’ friendship is just dazzlingly extraordinary and something that you rarely see in dramaland. I just really love how they support one another, giving each other worthy advice and pushing them to reach higher. They can smile happily for one another and that is what genuine friendship is supposed to bring about. The Three Musketeers are also maintaining a solid friendship. They will always be there for one another when one needs it, giving each other advice on their love life. When we first met them they already had their friendship well grounded in place so we didn’t get to see them develop their friendship. Instead what we got to see was them solidifying their friendship and strengthening what they already had. The Men of Steel have a very interesting friendship where they don’t have an equal relationship. Ren Wei has a superordinate relationship compared to his two bffs but even despite their unequal status, they respect each other and will be there for each other. I just love the different friendships in this drama and the different dynamics and similarities that they share.

My favourite part of the ep was not the ep itself but the BTS and I have seen it probably a tad too much. It was just so cute, especially with Lorene Ren and Lego Lee discussing how they should film the kiss scene. I absolutely love them off-screen and given the chemistry that they have been shooting at each other, it is hard not to ship them. Lego jokes that in these four months of filming, this was his first time brushing his teeth after eating and he even especially brought along a toothbrush today. After filming the kiss scene, Lorene makes Lego ask her if she was satisfied with his service. Nawwws, too cute! The lovebrids get asked how they felt about the kiss scene to which Lego replied that it was very comfortable because they were able to give each other a sense of security. Lorene answers that he really knows how to lead. Prior to filming the scene, they discussed how they should re-enact the feeling of the first kiss. If it was just a no movement kiss (looking at you k-drama kisses), it would have felt that they were only doing it for the sake of the drama. Lego adds that a first kiss is filled with nerves. It was beautifully acted and they definitely brought across the feeling of love and first kiss. These two are just cutie pies!

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  • April 8, 2014 at 5:53 pm

    good thing i found your blog. i seem to be running out of things to read about IAGW and my obsession is just getting started. please do write some more. i enjoy reading what you have to say about the OTP and the drama as well.


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