My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 20

This ep was very much a page out of our day to day lives and how this is captured on-screen is just very cultivating and warm in ways that don’t scream out warmth. In A Good Way is heading down its finally streak and with it being extended to 24 eps, it has undoubtedly paced slower than previously. However, that does not mean that it has dropped in quality or consistency, in fact it has in many ways allowed for a better story to be told. Despite the extension, the drama is definitely not heading down the draggy lane and is making great use of this extra time at hand to further develop the various relationships, though I would like a bit more pace between the shy Xiao Wei and Ri Qi. The current pacing is definitely slower but IAGW is still just as good as what it initially started off as and you just can’t help but continue to love with more with time. This extension means more IAGW warmth and that’s not something that you can say no to.

This ep was all about the daily battles that one has to face, and facing them is what our characters are doing. Family is one of those constant day to day battles that we have to face and this ep was moulded around the parents and their influence on their child. Family plays an important role in shaping who we are and the path that we undertake and they undoubtedly holds an important place in each of our hearts. Even when strains come about, family is something that we can never rid. The characters all have a very different relationship with their parents and the way they deal with it is all very different. Jia En’s father loves her very much and he shows it with the way he cares and looks out for her. This is contrary to how Ren Wei’s father lectures him and puts him down and this is different to how Daddy Liu has paved out a perfectly even path for Liu Chuan to walk. Each of these fathers have a very unique relationship with their child and despite how they choose to express their love to their child, the love is definitely something very prevalent. They all just want their child to lead a happy, prosperous and sculpted life, one which they can be sure will yield their child favourable results, at least from their perspective.

I loved that this ep pushed Liu Chuan to face his future which in turn pushed him to take pole position to grasp his freedom. Even a guy as perfect as him has struggles that holds him back. We get to see a vulnerable side to him and we get to see chase after something that he has been working towards his entire life. He has always been chasing after freedom but since starting a relationship with Jia En, his desire for it has never been greater. It’s one thing that his future is no longer about himself but it is another for him to realise what is it that he wants with life. It’s more than just freedom. It’s being able to be free while doing something that contents his own heart. I am curious as to what the treasure his grandfather left behind is. I hope that it will be something that will be able to close the relationship between Liu Chuan and his father.

I feel so proud for Ren Wei for taking that one step forward with his life. His strive to work towards his goal and his persistence to not give up is a reason why I love him and he brought this back this ep. I loved that he took his father’s advice to hand and used this to repair his relationship with his father. I was so happy to see Daddy Zheng happy for the steps that his son is taking to maturity. Sadly these steps do not apply to his crush on Jia En. He just needs to terminate this crush immediately and move on. There is no way that he is going to confess and even if he does, there is no chance that she will reciprocate his feelings and he knows that very well. He’s very lucky to have a friend like Bai Xue by his side helping him live with this unrequited love but by choosing not to tackle his feelings on the forefront, he is just tormenting himself with something that he cannot reach. Perhaps this is because his relationship with Jia En is distinctly different from the previous girls that he has fallen in love with which is why he reserved and held back by feelings. But even so, if he doesn’t face his feelings, he is going to be stuck in this pothole which he can never get out of.

Ever since overcoming her crush on Liu Chuan, I just feel that Bai Xue has been pushed to the sideline. She is an amazing friend, supporting each and every one of her friends through thick and thin and helping them to read their hearts. She is a great friend that anyone would be happy to have but in recent times she has just been the friend and we haven’t seen significant progress with her in terms of bringing out more of her. It’s such a shame because Bai Xue is an amazing character in every way that you look at her.

I really like current relationship between Ren Wei and Bai Xue. They have walked quite a lot as individuals to reach this current peaceful relationship. They are a pair of friends who share similar experiences and similar pasts which allows them to comfortably consul with each other. I’m not sure whether romance will come between them since Ren Wei is yet to move on but they share a very similar dynamic right now and if it does I will be happy for them. They share a mutual understanding and the provide that room for one another to pursue their dreams while remaining supportive by their side. They are actually really compatible for each other but who knows if fate will bring them together. Only time will tell!

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2 thoughts on “My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 20

  • April 7, 2014 at 11:57 am

    Thanks for posting your thoughts on this episode! True that the pace has slow down a bit but as you said the quality hasn’t suffered. I’m still enjoying every bits and pieces (probably except the scary part because I just can’t stand any horror things). And with this episode, I enjoyed the most how it showcased the father and child relationship. It’s just so heartwarming. All three fathers really love their child and they’re just showing it in different ways. I got teary-eyed the most with JE’s dad. He adores her daughter so much but still gives her freedom to grow.

    I still can’t believe we’re now down to last 4 episodes. I feel like I can watch this drama forever 🙂

    • April 7, 2014 at 12:25 pm

      Nawwws, thank you for reading!

      I’m really loving these parent-child relationships. Each of the fathers just have a different way of expressing their love to their child and although some might seem unreasonable, they really do love their child. Yeahhh, JE’s scene with her father was really heartwarming! I loved it so much!

      I know, but it has to end and right now I don’t want to think of that. 😛 I just want it to just continue on!


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