In A Good Way Episode 21 Video Preview

It’s heartbreaking to think that we have less than a month left with In A Good Way but at the same time it is very satisfying to see the characters chasing after their dreams and taking steps towards to freedom. This fight has never been so intense for Liu Chuan. He, who is not just fighting for himself but also for Jia En, is chasing for something that he has been desiring his entire life. Freedom has also been something that has been restricted in his life and it wasn’t until he he met her that he realised just how much he desires it. Furthermore, he finds that his grandfather left him a message of freedom and all this just makes this fight all that much more intense and gives him that passion to really push through with it. But this fight for freedom is not just his fight. It is the entire treasure hunting club’s fight and they are going to fight until the very end together because that’s the meaning of friendship. 

I feel so proud of Xiao Wei right now, seeing her being able to tell it to Ri Qi face-to-face what is it that she wants. It’s crazy to think that this was not the Xiao Wei that we once knew. The previous Xiao Wei would have kept quiet about this and just let things come as they please. But look at her now, she is taking matters into her own hands! Oh you tell him Xiao Wei, tell him and let him know that if he wants you he has got to work hard for you! Ri Qi and Xiao Wei are an adorable couple. Their relationship might have started off a bit slow but it is them taking their time and developing an understanding with each other. That is just a characteristic of them and I wouldn’t change that about them even if I could.

I am loving the progress with each of the characters. As we wind down to the finish line (sad), certain books are close to being closed. I mentioned in last week preview’s post that a novel version was released for the drama. You can check out the summary here but don’t take this as the drama ending as IAGW is being live-filmed and alterations can be made during this time. In saying so, the drama will more or less follow what has been set out in the novel and it is very much as I expect for how things will turn out (except for one aspect). I am excited for how this all boils down but I am so not ready to bid farewell yet.

Oh, here are the cast promoting the novel’s release. The preview translations are below these clips. (:


Video Previews:

*Preview starts at 1:24:04

Daddy Lin: You’re his father?

Daddy Liu: Yeah.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: For Jia En’s sake I will do my best to fight for the life that is mines.

Daddy Lin: But I don’t want you to cause a riot between you and your father because of our Jia En. Furthermore, you can choose your love but you can’t choose your family.

Ding Xiao Wei: I don’t like our ambiguous relationship one bit.

Liao Ri Qi: I thought we were already…

Ding Xiao Wei: An ambiguous relationship to me is not enough.

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: I found byacing! Other meaning of the moon, byacing is also the name for an Atayal tribe. I think this must have a connection with the treasure. … What we have to find this time is an unknown treasure. It seems like my grandfather wants to tell me that finding this treasure will truly lead to freedom. We us embrace this adventure!

Liu Shan Feng “Liu Chuan”: What we have to find this time is an unknown treasure but at the same time it is also a real treasure. It seems like my grandfather wants to tell me that finding this treasure will truly lead to freedom.

Elderly Man: Are you guys here to find byacing?

Liao Ri Qi: Is there a moon that lies on the ground?

Elderly Woman: Mhn.

Liao Ri Qi: There is!

Bai Xue Fen “Bai Xue”: Could it be that there is another kind of byacing?

Elderly Man: In the mountains.

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