My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 21

With the episode extension, In A Good Way undoubtedly slowed down a bit but it totally picked it up this ep and is leading the way to finish line on the forefront. It is an understatement to say that the writing is incredible because what we have in front of us is a story that has been beautifully crafted with meticulous attention to detail. It has been something that has been well planned from the start and just as well executed. It’s actually quite amazing to think about all the little details that have been present since the start and see what has crafted. The treasure that Liu Chuan’s grandfather left behind for Liu Chuan is not just a treasure for him but the entire gang. The treasure and freedom is waiting at the end but what’s more valuable than that for them is the journey that they go through to search for it. They have been through a lot in this search and they have changed a lot since we met them 20 eps ago. During this time, they have found some lifelong best friends and they got to realise just where they want to head in the future. The journey is probably the greatest treasure of them all. It is invaluable and something that they will only get to experience once. The cost that some have put into this cannot be matched up to anything tangible, and that is entirely what the drama is all about.

Naaaaaawwwws, Liu Chuan and Jia En are just an adorable couple. They are full of cuteness around each other but they don’t allow their romance define who they are, something which I think is incredibly important as there are other aspects of life that are equally important to them. Liu Chuan and Jia En’s scenes are raining with cuteness and I just love their chemistry together. As a couple, they balance out each other really well and they continually bounce off each other, like how a tennis ball keeps bouncing from one side of the court to the other. They are upping their romance in a low-key and subtle way that does not stray them away from the uni life that sets the basis of the drama. They are just a sweet couple and I am just loving every interaction between them.

I am loving Bai Xue so so so much! She is such a kick-ass, awesome and lovely second female lead. It’s so good to see her back with some more screen time after her lack of during last ep. I love her that she is a strong, independent woman living her life in the happiest way possible. She got over the crush for Liu Chuan long ago and now she is just living her life at the fullest and most satisfying possible. Unlike most second female leads fighting for romance, Bai Xue lives a very purposeful life, one that is full of happiness. Romance isn’t something on her mind right now and neither does she need that to tie her down in life. She is content with where she is at and she is happy herself to see the people around her who she cherishes find their happiness. She is happy and I am happy seeing her happy.

I’ve been pretty angry and dissatisfied with Ren Wei’s immaturity but in recent time he has made me regain my love and appreciation for it. It feels like he has grown so much these past two eps. His crush on Jia En is still there and although I might have been pissed at the way he chose to deal with this feeling, but I really appreciate the maturity and patience that he placed on dealing with this. He halted his rashness and just sat by the side watching her all happy with Liu Chuan while not doing anything about his feelings. This whole process really allowed him to experience what it means to like someone. Liking someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be with them, instead what liking someone means is to see that person happy while being happy to be able to see that person happy. But I really hope that he will let Jia En know about his crush on her because I think it is important for him to confront the outcome whatever it may be. Ren Wei has since come a far way from the guy he once was and regardless of what the future holds for him, he will be able to face whatever comes at him. Plus, he has Bai Xue on the side who will be sure to point him in the right direction. Ren Wei and Bai Xue’s friendship is something very special. It went from Ren Wei pursuing her to her giving him a shoulder to lean on to them finally settling on a pure friendship. The stages that they went through to have their friendship the way it currently is is vital to shaping their friendship as it is these events that allowed them to understand each other and themselves more and more.

I like Xiao Wei and Ri Qi’s pacing but I just want them to just sit together and get their misunderstandings out of the way. They are very alike people, it’s just that they need someone to give them a push for them to get what exactly it is they want to tell each other. Ri Qi is a very intelligent man but when it comes to love he is racking his head trying to find the answers. He can be so dense sometimes, but he is adorable like that and probably one of the numerous reasons why Xiao Wei has fallen for him. In saying so, Xiao Wei has already made it clear what she wants in their relationship and what she would like to see from him multiple time but he just doesn’t seem to get it. They are so close to resolving this conflict and it is going to be relief to see them come to the same page.

I’m just a bit bored over Ah Qing and Tracy’s relationship. I feel like all the need to do is talk it out. Their relationship is unlike Xiao Wei and Ri Qi who needs time to overcome their misunderstanding. Maybe it is because Ah Qing and Tracy are both equally as headstrong and for Tracy, scared. They clearly like each other which was why the bet came in place but for Tracy, she is scared to move forward with him. They just need to talk it out and he just needs to let her know that he isn’t just playing around with her.

What this drama consistently does so well in is the little mundane things that we take for granted in our everyday lives is highlighted and made to shine. It’s not even necessarily the actions that they take but more so the thought process. I love it, because it shows us how much the characters have grown with time. With just a few more eps to go, I am curious as to how the drama will tie everything up but that is only something that we will know when the time comes.

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