My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 22

In A Good Way is really going at full step, not slowing down even once this ep. This ep was chock full of delicious memory lane goodies in showing the similarities and parallelism that have come to be during these 22 eps. It was so good and I enjoyed every moment of it. There was so much familiarity from earlier eps which was also engraved with a sense of freshness. It has become something so endearing to see our characters takes steps forward to their goal – goal(s) that we see them to be reaching towards – and the effort that they put into achieving it. The goal in the end is their present but the journey towards achieving their goal is something that is priceless. The drama does a stellar job in showcasing each and everyone of the character’s journey and that is something that makes the drama so special in comparison to all that we know. This ep continues to do just that just as the finish line is about to roll around but even then, their journey only takes on new shape and further growth instead of winding down and that’s something that makes the drama really shine.

The treasure has been something that has been playing an important role throughout the drama, none so more than for Liu Chuan. His grandfather played a significant role in shaping him to be the person that he is today and he holds huge respect for his grandfather. Finding the treasure has always been an important goal for Liu Chuan but finding it brought out his weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Liu Chuan might be a tough guy but like any human being, he has weaknesses and that was what he showed this ep. My heart broke to see him fall to pieces but it is important for him to face his vulnerabilities because this will be what makes him a stronger person in the long run. He has Jia En by his side who will definitely stand by him regardless of the decisions that he makes, walking it with him every step of the way.

In recent time, the drama’s focus has shifted to the treasure hunt instead of campus life, uni still remains as something very centric to the character’s lives. While campus life might not be be the sculpting factor any more, it is still the foundation that keeps our characters together. I miss the campus centric life but at the same time I enjoy this progression because it is a reflection of our characters walking towards their future. I appreciate this because life is moving along in a parallel path as the characters grow up and I feel that this helps to better understand our characters.

One of my absolute favourite scenes from this ep was between Liu Chuan and Ren Wei. They have since come a long long way since they met. I still remember when Ren Wei was being snarky towards Liu Chuan and saw him as a rival. Those days are since over and the two guys share a mutual respect for each other as well as a deep friendship – something that has subtly built up over time. Liu Chuan and Ren Wei did not kick it off well at the start and their acquaintance only came in through Jia En which is once again a factor that brings the guys’ friendship closer together. Ren Wei took a huge jump this ep in regards to his feelings and that is something I am so happy to be seeing. Ren Wei’s treasure hunt is just like the hunt that Jia En lead Liu Chuan on, except the difference between the two hunts was that Jia En’s lead Liu Chuan to open up his heart to her while Ren Wei’s lead himself out of the pothole that he dug himself. He got confirmation that Liu Chuan is serious about Jia En and that was more than enough for him to step out of the non-existent love triangle and move on with life. He knows that he will never be able to reach Jia En and furthermore, how can he bear to strip her of her happiness? Liu Chuan has known for quite a while now of Ren Wei’s crush on Jia En but kept this knowledge down low, letting Ren Wei to handle it his way. Ren Wei handled it just as subtly through singing “The Crowded Paradise” which he used to let Liu Chuan know that he is backing down. It was just so sweet and was candid even though the guys has never directly addressed each other on the issue.

Bai Xue is awesome and everyone knows that. She is seriously one of the best, possibly the best, secondary female lead out there. She is a girl who has such a prosperous future in front of her because she is living her now to the fullest. She doesn’t let anything hold her down and instead she faces everything with a smile on her face. She has become the resident counsellor helping her friends to deal with their love conundrums. It doesn’t matter that she is single right now because she is happy in her position and that it what really matters.

I mentioned last ep that I was bored of Tracy and Ah Qing’s relationship but they totally reversed all that this ep. We got to see them face their fears of being scared and afraid as well as their bravery in walking over that wall that has been between them. They were courageous and by doing so they opened themselves up to happiness. The shower stall scene was well executed and was filled with their fears and bravery. It was at the same time filled with sweetness and the feelings that they have for one another. Step by step, together, they are breaking down the walls that divides them.

Ri Qi and Xiao Wei are also moving it with their relationship. For a relationship to come to be, one has to take the initiative and it is the guys who are doing that this ep. Ri Qi and Xiao Wei are both very alike people in that they are hesitant and reserved so for Ri Qi to take the initiative, it is a big push for the development of their relationship. It was such a relief for me to see them on the same page as each other, something that really took its time to come through but is such a great reflection of who they are as individuals as well as a couple. It was beyond cute see him express his feelings towards Xiao Wei in manga form, telling her just how much she means to him. Pictures really do tell 1000 words. And that will be something hard to forget.

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