My Opinion on In A Good Way Episode 23

My holidays are over and now I am back to my life with a hectic schedule and assessments due after assessments. I was going to have this written up earlier in the week but because of school I couldn’t do so until now. But I guess that’s a good thing because I got to revisit the ep and really absorb in everything that happened. IAGW drama has perceptibly lacked the glitter that it was once filled with but it is still all sorts of beauty to watch. The characters are heading down to the teary end of their uni journey but that is only the beginning of the new stage in their life. With that the drama has shifted away from campus life and more towards their personal life. I personally don’t mind this shift because it really allows us to accompany the characters on their life journey and in fact and I quite enjoy seeing the characters be true to themselves, making decisions and taking steps to the future that spell out their name. It makes me happy to see progressing towards their future but at the same time, I am sad to know that this will be coming to an end soon. Oh well, I guess you just have to learn to deal just like we all learn to deal with life.

Tbh, this ep was a bit of a let-down for me. It didn’t have the oomph and poof factor that previous eps had. As we head down the finish line, I really don’t want to see the drama lose the beauty that it was born with. IAGW has been heading strong so I am really hoping that it will continue to remain this way because it would be such a shame if its beauty gets washed away with a few more eps remaining. Even though we are heading down the finish line, In A Good Way has been amazing in maintaining it’s pace. It is still heading strong and continues to deliver with consistency, something that is such a rare occurrence in the dramaland. IAGW has been extended yet again but this time it is confirmed to keep airing for 3 weeks giving it a total of 26 eps. This makes it the longest-running prime-time SETTV idol drama but I hope that its length does not mean that its quality will suffer.

The lovebirds got into a disagreement this ep but it was ever so cute to see them resolve it in a such a way that they remain true to who they are. Whether it be the very first ep that we met them in or this ep, they are still the same Jia En and Liu Chuan who we have come to know from the very first day. The drama has been very consistent in presenting this and I love that because we get to see them as the person that they are. They have changed since the first ep but they are still very much them and everything that they do spells out their name loud and clear.

I absolutely adore watching Jia En’s relationship with her family. It is something very warm and just makes me happy every time. Jia En shares a very close bond with her family and especially with her father who is reluctant to let her go. The relationship that she has with her family is the complete polar opposite to what Liu Chuan has with his. Liu Chuan has a very separated relationship with his family which is why it is hard for him to open up to Jia En regarding this topic. Jia En has the perfect, happy relationship with her parents and I guess he just doesn’t want to break that happy image by giving her some of his baggage. Liu Chuan doesn’t want her to get hurt as a result of him so if it means he has to endure through this alone then that is what he will do.

This drama has been big on presenting something is real and that is something that makes the drama so amazing. It tells of a story and this is something that elevates a drama from its roots. It gives something that is just so rare on-screen and this makes watching it something to treasure. I love this realism about it because you can’t help but hold some emotion towards the characters for the way they choose to act. I might not like Daddy Liu’s way of acting but I just can’t help but feel so emotion towards him. Sure, he might be scheming his citizens but he doesn’t entirely have ulterior motives. He genuinely does love Liu Chuan and he just wants Liu Chuan to have a good life. He just has a very different way of showing this but that does not mean his love towards Liu Chuan is any less than what any other parent has towards their child. This is not something that can be overlook because putting his role as a politican aside, he is above all else Liu Chuan’s father at heart. I really do hope that Liu Chuan will be able to repair his relationship with his father.

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