Jay Shih Goes Skateboarding for Nokia Storyteller

Jay Shih's Nokia Storyteller With news from In A Good Way cast popping up every now and then, I don’t feel as though they are separated. Through their Instragrams and Facebook pages, you can see that they all still have a really close relationship with one another. What came out of IAGW was really good. There were some hearty familial friendships created and that is something that is just so rare to see. More often than not, you see the cast work together with each other but once the filming is done and dusted it is a goodbye but with the cast of IAGW, they are still very much closely knitted together. I love this relationship from them and seeing these lively updates continually makes me eager for the arrive of the IAGW movie! I seriously cannot wait!

I’ve been sidetracking quite a bit but this focus of this post is all about Jay Shih. It hasn’t been long since I last posted about him but he has been keeping himself relatively free after the conclusion of IAGW, much like the other cast, presumably to keep his schedule free for the upcoming filming of the movie version of IAGW. He recently collaborated with Windows Phone to promote their Storyteller app which is basically a cinematography organisation app which is a mix of Snapchat and Instagram. Jay personally filmed this short clip of him having a skate with his skateboard (on 26 July). It’s actually pretty cool even though the editing was a bit too choppy for my liking. Check it out below and see what Jay has been up to!

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