George Hu’s Leading Lady in Upcoming Daily Drama Love Cheque Charge is Yuan Ai Fei

Happiness Voucher The upcoming SETTV dramas are all sounding pretty good and definitely much better than its current line-up. Next cab off the rank to follow the current daily Tie the Knot will be Love Cheque Charge (AKA Happiness Voucher) and all is sounding pretty good except for the official English which I’m just having urks against. It just sounds so disjointed and unbalanced, not to mention that it once again features the lexeme “love”. I’d much rather prefer the alternative title but we get what we get. Anyways, ever since George Hu was confirmed to lead the drama, talks where on whether his leading lady will be his rumoured girlfriend and frequent co-star Annie Chen. At last came the confirmation that it won’t be. Instead, his leading lady will be Yuan Ai Fei, a relative newbie. I’m just glad that his leading lady is not Annie again this time around because their clichéd and overhyped pairing will totally drive the drama into overkill for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them together and they send lots of sparks onscreen but the air that surrounds them just sends their pairing into overkill sometimes. It’s nice that we’re getting a different kind of air with this pairing. We’ll also get to hear George do some singing since he will be singing the ending theme song for this drama.

What really excites me about this drama is the supporting cast, which I was all-too-happy to hear about. After Jay Shih and Smile Wen‘s “nearly there” ending in In A Good Way, they will finally get to have love story that never was in IAGW! This is actually much more interesting news to me than Ai Fei being confirmed as George’s leading lady. Maybe it was because Jay and Smile where never an official pair in IAGW but there is a distinctly fresh atmosphere that surrounds their coupling here. LOL, this will be like their love story continuing on from uni and into the workforce! Xie Kun Da will also be joining the cast, probably creating a love triangle between Ai Fei and George.

Now with two of the three upcoming SETTV dramas with their casts confirmed, this only leaves the Friday-night drama that Lego Lee and Chris Wang are headlining without any female leads. There is still time for them to search for the perfect female leads since there is about three months before Pleasantly Surprised is set to finish. I still have no idea what is going about this “movie” for IAGW since there hasn’t been any word on it since IAGW finished its run and now that everyone’s picking up new dramas, there’s even more uncertainty towards this “movie”.

3 thoughts on “George Hu’s Leading Lady in Upcoming Daily Drama Love Cheque Charge is Yuan Ai Fei

  • August 21, 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Yeah ‘Happiness Voucher’ sounds so much better! If they’re going to mention ‘Happiness Bank’ in the teaser, then at least ‘Happiness Cheque’ or something LOL <- sounds weird still but better than Love Cheque Charge!!!!

    argh still so many episodes of Pleasantly Surprised left…? I was hoping it will end in say 4 to 5 eps. If it goes over 20 it's going to get draggy…

    • August 22, 2014 at 12:12 am

      “Love Cheque Charge” just doesn’t flow well together. It’s just three standalone nouns placed together. “Happiness Voucher” on the other hand has a really nice ring to it, and the title flows.

      I’m not sure, but most SETTV idol dramas on Sundays and Fridays run over 20 eps.

  • May 3, 2015 at 5:07 am

    George Hu and Annie Chen are the best <3


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