Aaron Yan and Puff Guo Reunite for Dance MV of No Cut

Aaron Yan Aaron Yan is one workaholic! He has not given himself a break in the last three years, accepting job offer after job offer. It’s been less than a week since the trainwreck Fall in Love with Me concluded, but after 20 so weeks of intense filming, he is charging along with his album promotions as well as undertaking overseas promotions for FILWM.

Over the past three years, Aaron has been working really hard and as a result, he has achieved some pretty ground-breaking career milestones. At the end of 2012, he released his first full album Memorial Day, working as a solo artiste since Fahrenheit‘s disbandment. That achieved an overall positive reception, marking his transition as a solo singer. Last year, he starred in the ratings winner Just You alongside Puff Guo and their chemistry together created a new ship which lots of fans were happy to board. Soon after that, he accepted FILWM starring alongside Puff’s bandmate Tia Li and now, less than a week after that trainwreck of a drama concluded, Aaron is again up and running promoting his second album split into two mini albums titled Drama and Cut. There’s no stopping Aaron because on the 24th of this month, he will be holding his very own ceilidh.

HIM International Music has been really pushing to promote Aaron’s album. Five of the six songs from Drama were featured in FILWM and the one that was not featured in FILWM served as the ending theme song for Just You. In addition to having his songs take over FILWM, HIM International Music also made a four part mini-documentary “The Aaron Time” for him. Not only that, but there has also been a number of feature artists on this album. He sung and starred alongside G.NA in “One Out of Two” and Tia played his love interest in “That’s Not Me”. This time, he reunites with Puff starring in “No Cut”. There is already an official MV for “No Cut” but this MV will be a dance MV whereas the first MV is a story MV.

Check out the MVs for “No Cut” below. Yuppp, there’s definitely lots of chemistry oozing between Puff and Aaron. I love Puff in this. She is sexy but yet so mature and sophisticated at the same time.

No Cut:

No Cut feat. Puff Guo (Dance MV):

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