Smile Wen and Jay Shih Discover Japan as Bai Xue and Ren Wei

Jay Shih and Smile WenIn A Good Way might have ended four months ago but the love shows no sign of dying down. IAGW has made an impact not only in the drama world for being a standout drama but it ultimately has changed the lives of the cast involved, primarily for leads Lorene RenLego Lee, Jay Shih and Smile Wen. Prior to IAGW, people would barely bat an eye upon the mention of their names but now they have become household names. IAGW has really helped to shoot up their careers but more than that, IAGW allowed them to create some everlasting friendships which grows stronger day by day. I absolutely enjoyed IAGW and the ride that I had with it was an amazing one. It has become one of my favourite dramas and my love for it is still very much there. I’ve been paying attention to ever little bit of IAGW news, especially regarding that of the so-called movie which probably won’t be seeing the daylights any time soon. I would have loved to see a more definite conclusion to the open ending but it did wrap up nicely which is one of the best thing that any drama can do. I’m sad that that there won’t be a movie to tie up loose ends but sometimes, I guess it is best to be left open-ended.

The cast might have moved onto new projects but their association with IAGW will be one that sticks around for a long time coming. Although they have new acting projects lined up, they are still picking up events which are IAGW related, which I find so adorably cute! Jay and Smile recently filmed a micro-movie for the promotion of Japan, continuing with their roles from IAGW. It’s completely uncorrelated to the drama, but it in many ways provides an insight to the progression of their relationship. It was so beautiful and meaningful! You don’t need to understand Chinese to be able to understand the story behind it because this is all conveyed to the actions. Jay and Smile are so sweet together, and there will be more of them as they will be playing a couple (for real this time) in the new daily Love Cheque Charge which will be airing in two days!

You can check out the micro-movie below. (:

Jay also recently released a single titled “Hold” which was featured in the micro-movie. Check it out below. Jay has a really nice voice and I love it!

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