Ladies’ Code’s RiSe Succumbs to Sustained Injuries and Passes Away

Ladies' CodeIn more sad news, RiSe passed away this moring at 10:10am (KST) from injuries sustained in the same car accident which took away fellow Ladies’ Code member EunB only days ago. RiSe sustained a severe cranial injury but operation on her had to be halted due her falling blood pressure. She has been in a coma ever since the operation. She fought hard for five days but ultimately, she was unable to fight through her injuries. She passed away with her family and labelmates right beside her until she drew her last breath. She was only 23 years old but passed away way way way too early. Together, with EunB, the two are in a better place and will definitely be able to rest in peace knowing that they have countless fans, friends and family who will forever remember them for the good they have done.

Sojung, who was also severely injured in the accident, has been in and out of surgery for the past five days, suffering facial and abdominal injuries as well as other bodily injuries. However, she has since regained consciousness and is making fast recovery but the mental injuries are yet to be seen. Life can be so cruel sometimes, cutting life very short. We can only pray for RiSe and EunB to rest in peace.
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