Jay Chou and Ariel Lin Have a Missed Chance in New MV

Jay Chou & Ariel LinTaiwan’s King of Pop Jay Chou will be releasing his 13th album titled under his catchphrase Aiyo, Not Bad on Boxing Day since his last album Opus 12. His first single of the album, Extra Large Shoes, is a nice rap which screams out Charlie Chaplin. In his second single, “What Kind of Man”, he heads down the ballad path and tells of a missed chance with the person who could have been his other half in life by not telling her to stay. He brought in Taiwan’s sweetheart Ariel Lin to play the role of the girl who he missed out a future with. Ariel is probably having the best year of her life right now. She fulfilled a lifelong dream of hers to go study abroad and she recently graduated with a Masters of Arts in Acting for Screen from the University of London. She also got engaged to her boyfriend Charles Lin and to top it off, she will be getting hitched on Christmas Eve. Her personal life is of envy but she still retains a very professional front. It’s true that she has chemistry with all of her male co-stars, and even in this short five minute MV, there is so much sunshine between her and Jay as well as her other co-star, Darren. Regardless, it is always a pleasure to see Ariel on-screen.

Jay Chou & Ariel Lin

Jay Chou & Ariel Lin

Jay Chou’s “What Kind of Man” featuring Ariel Lin and Darren:

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