Jolin Tsai and Ruby Lin Marry Each Other in a Fight for Equality

Jolin TsaiIt seems that as the year trickles down to the end, the power singers of Taiwan are releasing some new material. The end of the year is always a time for reminiscing, reflecting and remembering the year that was. The pop queen of Taiwan, Jolin Tsai, recently dropped a new album and while she is usually pop/dance centric, with her second single “We’re All Different, Yet The Same”, she pushes for an important fight – a fight for equality. The MV stars Jolin’s good friend Ruby Lin and veteran actress Gui Ya Lei which sorrowfully tells the story for a woman who (played by Gui Ya Lei) is tearfully on the bedside of her ill same-sex partner but cannot acknowledge their relationship is not given the same rights as homosexual couples. Jolin and Ruby play Gui Ya Lei and her partner in an alternate universe where they get married in beautiful white dresses with everyone congratulating them. The story is all about love and is told in a very sincere and meaningful way. I found it so so so powerful; not only was the lyrics very strong but it was also supported with an equally strong MV. I loved it. It’s such a beautiful watch and a great way to mark a change that we are still fighting for.
Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai

Jolin Tsai’s “We’re All Different, Yet The Same” featuring Ruby Lin and Gui Ya Lei:

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