BFFs Rainie Yang and Ariel Lin Play Long Time No See BFFs in Rainie’s New MV

Rainie and ArielIt seems that all Ariel Lin must have done in her free time while studying was return to home soil and help her good friends film MVs. I stumbled across Rainie Yang‘s third single “Actually We Deserve Happiness” off her new album A Tale of Two Rainie where Rainie and Ariel play BFFs who have been too busy too see each other. They live two different but similar lives and just wish each other happiness. I love Rainie as both a singer and an actor but I don’t think her vocals are the best here and neither is her acting stint here. The song itself is nice to the ears but polarised by Rainie’s monotone soft vocals. I do like the symmetrical filming of Rainie and Ariel’s lives and how seamlessly it matches up to create one screen. Apparently Rainie and Ariel only had 15 minutes of rehearsal time but they’re BFFs in RL plus they’re also professional actresses so they got into the scenes really quickly!

Rainie and Ariel

Rainie and Ariel

Rainie Yang’s “Actually We Deserve Happiness” featuring Ariel Lin:

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