Sonia Sui is Officially Off the Markets

Sonia SuiSonia Sui has finally found her Mr. Right and she made it official not long after the conclusion of her recent drama Mr. Right Wanted. Sonia has had a whirlwind of a romance journey but she has finally found the one for her and ready to walk down the next phase of her life. She was once in a prolific relationship with former co-star Yao Yuan Hao which didn’t end well when they called off their eight-year romance in 2012. Their break-up became headline news when it was hinted that Cyndi Wang was the third-party to their relationship. Needless to say, it scarred her emotionally but that was a hurdle she overcame to find her Mr. Right.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe lucky man is Tony Hsieh, the stepson of singer-actress Tammy Lai, Sonia’s co-star in Mr. Right Wanted, and the step-brother of Aggie Hsieh, Sonia’s co-star in The Pursuit of Happiness. What a small world! The pair dated for just over four months when they registered their marriage in Las Vegas but time does not measure love. The two are oozing with happiness and that’s all that matters. Congrats to the newlyweds!

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