In A Good Way’s Leah Lin Has Flash Marriage and Bun in Oven

1There is no better time than right now to get married because wouldn’t you know it, marriage strikes again. In A Good Way star, Leah Lin (that’s her official name on Instagram so I’ll go with that) who played the sassy scarlet Tracy has officially tied the knot with her non-entertainer boyfriend, Wu Ze Pu, of less than one year. She also has a bun in the oven, bringing double the happiness. During the filming of IAGW, Leah had turned her on-screen romance with Steven Sun to real life but when the drama finished up so did their flame. Through her friends, she met Ze Pu who is the Mr. Right in her life. Last year, she went to Japan to spend New Years’ there and her now-hubby went along too, surprising her with a very sweet and romantic marriage proposal which deeply touched her. Her boyfriend also sweetly asked for her family’s permission beforehand and got them involved with this romantic moment. Leah has also wanted to get married and have kids by the age of 25 and now her dream has come true. The couple will hold their wedding after the bun in the oven is cooked which would be after July. Congrats to the happy couple! 



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