No One is Busier Than Tiffany Tang With Drama Airing One After the Other

1One down, just a few more to go. The highly anticipated novel-to-drama adaptation My Sunshine starring Tiffany Tang recently finished its run and immediately following that, Tiffany’s other highly anticipated novel-to-drama adaptation Lady & Liar took over that spot. And in a few days time, Tiffany’s other other drama drama Legend of Fragrance which so happens to be set in the Republican era will be in direct competition with Lady & Liar. Not sure if this a good thing or not but she is definitely generating talks with her drama and isn’t she just lucky to have such handsome co-stars to work with. There is more than enough Tiffanys to go around this year but she still has a few dramas in her inventory which is waiting for an airdate. And she is currently filming for Diamond Lover starring cross-strait Korean idol Rain. Plus, she still has internet-drama The Lost Tomb which is awaiting for a premiere date. Tiffany is one busy busy lady with lots of promotions to do in these few weeks. Not only that, but she didn’t even take a break in filming the three aforementioned dramas! Filming for Lady & Liar started in November 2013 and finished in March 2014, then she went on to film Legend of Fragrance which finished filming in June 2014. She took no break because right after that she filmed for My Sunshine which took three months, finishing its filming in September 2014. Sweetie, please get some rest!

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