Aaron Yan and Kim So Eun to Play Couple in C-Movie Sky Lantern

1 I just haven’t found the time to blog recently which is why this is such a late post. But anything about Aaron Yan deserves a post regardless of how late it is. His career has just been red hot since he left Fahrenheit both acting wise (with hit dramas Love You and Fall in Love with Me) and music wise (with the release of mini-albums and his first ever Japanese album). His career will soar up the radar now that he has been confirmed to star in a joint Korean-Chinese movie Sky Lantern (昔日戀人; Chinese translation: Past Lovers) . His leading lady will be rising K-star Kim So Eun who is also riding on a career fire after starring in Liar Games and as the other half to on-screen hubby Song Jae Rim in We Got MarriedI’ve only seen So Eun in We Got Married and she is such a cutie-pie there. I am looking forward to her pairing with Aaron and I hope they can pull of a chemistry like that of what she has with Jae Rim. Rom-coms are right up my alley so this is one I look forward to. Considering the movie is titled Past Lovers, I am assuming Aaron and So Eun will be playing an ex-couple who find themselves together once again. Of course, someone needs to complicate their relationship and this so happens to be C-actor Song Yang. A number of Korean teams are pulling together to make this movie and that means there will be lots of talent around. It will be directed by Korean director Park Young Hoon who has has the hits Addicted (2002) and Innocent Steps (2005) under his belt. The stylist behind MisaengDream High, The Heirs and the stylist behind The ThievesLate Autumn and New World will be teaming up for this production. Fashion will play a big component to this production. This production sounds big so let’s hope this movie turns out amazing.



One thought on “Aaron Yan and Kim So Eun to Play Couple in C-Movie Sky Lantern

  • July 25, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    Actually I intend to watch a Korean drama n accidentally I got the Aaron Yans drama “fall in love with me”. The drama was awesome n I really like the character of Aaron. I must say he is really talented youngest singer n actor to be a inspiration of us. I will be looking forward to see him shooting like a star in his career.


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