Beatrice Fang Pregnant with Dear Mom Co-Star Yang Ming Wei’s Baby


It is just happiness on top of happiness for Beatrice Fang who is enjoying her career high having achieved household recognition with her roles in the drama Fall in Love with Me and more recently in the daily Dear Mom with her recently announcing that she is pregnant with frequent co-star Yang Ming Wei‘s baby. The two first met on-set during the filming of FILWM where they clicked, something which they got to develop during the filming of Dear Mom and now with a baby on the way, it will be something that will forever bound these two together. The two are going to be such adorable parents and the pregnancy comes at the right time with Dear Mom wrapping up in a few days, giving the parents-to-be some time off to adjust to this bundle of joy heading their way. Marriage is on the way for them with them dating on the premises of marriage and with their bundle of joy in the coming it’s double the happiness for them. Their pregnancy news was supposed to be revealed after Dear Mom wrapped but it surfaced earlier than expected and now it’s news we all know. 

Facebook is the way to go now this marriage and pregnancy acknowledgement first coming through this form of social media. News dropped of Beatrice being pregnant and the couple immediately ran to Facebook to confirm this with Beatrice asking people to give her some time off to handle her current work and Ming Wei saying that Li Xiao Xi (Beatrice’s character in Dear Mom)’s happiness will be handled by Zhao Yu Han (Jack Li‘s character in Dear Mom and Beatrice’s co-star) while he will handle Beatrice’s happiness. Congrats to the couple!


Their co-stars also posted their well-wishes and Aaron Yan, in particular, posted a very detailed Facebook congratulation congratulating on their marriage and supporting their whole dating process to their current new stage in life and how marriage or not doesn’t matter to one’s relationship as long as the two parties are happy together.

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