G.E.M Tang Releases Breath-Taking Visual Album HEARTBEAT

1The very talented and China’s Taylor SwiftG.E.M Tang, just yesterday dropped her hotly anticipated fifth studio album HEARTBEAT right in the middle of her X.X.X. Live Tour. Despite how busy she is, she managed to create a visual album with each song on the album having their own MV to convey their deepest meaning. Not only that but she also personally penned the 10 songs on the album. I’ve gone through her entire album and again, and boy, does it make my heart beat. 


4G.E.M’s career has been red hot ever since she became runner-up on season 2 of I Am a Singer and right now it is just on fire, garnering a worldwide fanbase. G.E.M is without a doubt one of the most talented singers out there, and she really showcases her talent with this new album of hers. This album took three years in the making but the results are spectacular. The MVs are all so beautifully filmed and just so breath-taking to watch with the concept very spot-on. I can’t even with her! Check out her beautifully stunning MVs below, which in itself all tell very beautiful stories with or without the understanding the lyrics.

“Long Distance”





“One Way Road”

“Against The Wind”



“Chuck Close”

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