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To The Dearest IntruderHey guys! Sorry for the hiatus but I’m back and it’s 2016!

There are various forms of love around, some nice and fluffy and others full of heartbreaks and tears. To The Dearest Intruder is a romance drama that falls into the latter category and on my first read of the synopsis, The Fierce Wife immediately popped into my head. The two dramas indeed share a very similar storyline but yet there’s enough differences in TTDI to make it a different drama to TFW. TTDI tugs at your heartstrings, not the cutesy-swoony ones but the ones that make your heart break. This was a very interesting drama to watch; I marathoned half of it during my flight but found it quite a drag to watch, however, the second half picked up a lot of pace and that’s where a lot of the hearty bits of the drama lies, but then the drama took us on some crazy, insane pathway that made watching it just as insane if not more. What this drama delivered was a story that touched hearts and was a very nice, mature depiction of an imperfect love and friendship story that went a bit more than haywire.

3The drama starts off telling a story between best friends Song Jia An (Amber An) and Luo Shao Qing (Aggie Hsieh). Little did they know how Yan Hao (Melvin Sia)’s presence will cause the break-up of their friendship. Jia An’s childhood dream was to marry Yan Hao but Yan Hao likes Shao Qing and Shao Qing also likes Yan Hao. However, Shao Qing knows that Yan Hao is the love of Jia An’s life and was not willing to take that away from her so she chose to leave without a word. 10 years on, Jia An and Yan Hao are married, but it’s not the happy marriage that Jia An would have liked and Shao Qing comes back to fight for her happiness and just like that, their relationship gets more complicated than what it already was, breaking hearts and friendships.

Yan Hao finds himself caught in the middle of Jia An and Shao Qing. He has always thought of Jia An as a younger sister and the person he actually had feelings towards was Shao Qing. However, Shao Qing chose to step out of the triangle leaving Jia An with what she wanted. Jia An got the man she wanted but it was not a happy marriage. He was just a husband of name value and never one of love; he didn’t possess such a feeling towards her and so was unable to invest that into their marriage. However, his feelings for both women took a change after the car accident. Jia An stood by his every step to recovery and changed him as a person. No longer was he that selfish, heartless, cruel man that he was before the accident but instead he is a man of heart, a man of tenderness and a man of gentleness. Jia An won his way to his heart but the complication of Shao Qing arose and he found himself in a dilemma between the two women.

6A major flaw with the writing of this story arch was that Yan Hao found that he no longer had the same spark for Shao Qing but because of guilt, he chose to continue with this relationship. Yet, it is because of this that tore up various relationships. This could have made a good drama except for TTDI, it didn’t. The premises of an intruder is good and could have been good if the writers did not decide to go in the direction it did. The second half of the drama went way off the tangent and made no sense whatsoever. It went crazier and crazier the more into the drama as his heart changed and the sparks that he feels for both girls are very different to what it once what. Even he starts to question on this love but it becomes complicated when Shao Qing is so reluctant to let go despite knowing that has changed his heart.

10Jia An has loved Yan Hao for as long as she remembers and despite knowing that he does not love her as much as she loves him, she was still willing to fight for a chance to be with him. He is her everything and her inspiration in life. She just wants to be there with him by his side for when he needs it and be there quietly supporting him even when he does not need her. However, he doesn’t feel quite the same love in their marriage. Their marriage isn’t one of love. He married her because it felt like the way to go their relationship. They were both in an unhappy marriage; for Yan Hao he was willing to shatter it to be with Shao Qing while for Jia An it was a marriage that she treaded on thin ice to keep alive and she wanted to keep it alive because she loves him and can’t imagine a life without him.

7Jia An is quite a shallow character. She is a person without much character and her personality lacks personality. She is without any big ambitions. Her biggest dream was to be Yan Hao’s wife but that’s as far as her dreams went.  She chose to go to the uni she went to because her Yan Hao went there and even then she couldn’t figure out what she wants with life; she chose subjects based on what Shao Qing chose and not based on what she actually wanted from life. The way that she was written really bugged me because for the entire duration of the drama, she remained very one-dimensional with very limited character development. The drama tried to give her more character following on her break-up with Yan Hao and while it did, it did not change the one-dimensional person that she was made to be.

Jia An’s sacrifices for Yan Hao are quite grand; she is willing to go at all odds for him and maybe because of that and her naivetés, she is blinded the bigger happenings in her relationship with him. Yan Hao and Shao Qing are two of the most important people in her life.; she has a lot of trust in the both of them but never did she think they would break this trust.

5Shao Qing can be described as a very unlikeable character but yet all she did was chase for own happiness. Love is something that one can say no if the heart does not agree, it is something that is uncontrollable no matter how much you try to resist it. Shao Qing chose to step away from the feelings because she didn’t want to ruin her best friend’s life, but 10 years later she chose to return and ruin just that. Having clearly mentioned that she doesn’t want to be the intruder like her mother once was, she revoked from that and became the intruder that she did not want to to be. That was what really irked me about the drama; she completely contradicted herself and did something that broke her friendship with Jia An, a friendship that means so much to Jia An but was able to shatter like glass to Shao Qing. It was a very absurd change in character for her; because at the start despite knowing Yan Hao’s feelings for her, she was so adamant that she will not pursue them but 10 years on and she is willing to go above and beyond just to be with Yan Hao.

I thought the first half of the drama was quite well written but then things really started to go haywire. Shao Qing not only sacrificed her friendship but was willing to go to the extent of killing her former best friend for a love that even she can feel does not have the same fire as it once did. For Yan Hao, she was willing to go to all extent, but Jia An keeps coming back to haunt her, reminding her of her actions. I wasn’t sure where the drama was heading with this relationship because Shao Qing knew herself that the fire was no longer there but yet still continued to chase after it. In the end, crazy was where the drama went and despite her persistence, she still lost, lost to herself.

In the end, how can one define who is the dearest intruder because they are all intruders one way or another. Relationships were destroyed and hearts were broken, all because of one decision, one direction that the writers decided to direct the dramas towards and in the end this created a plot of insanity with some insane happenings.


3 thoughts on “My Opinion on To The Dearest Intruder

  • January 21, 2016 at 6:52 pm

    Heard that this drama went crazy towards the end, did you regret watching it afterall?

    • January 29, 2016 at 10:42 am

      Yes I did!

  • June 30, 2016 at 5:11 am

    How was that drama ended? Tell me tell me tell me. Pleaseee!!


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